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How to decorate with Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet

Posted by Lorraine Lea on Jan 12, '18

As polarising as ever, Pantone has announced their pick for the 2018 colour of the year.

Love it or hate it, the world colour authority has predicted that the rich grape hue of ultra violet will be trending in everything from fashion to cosmetics to homewares over the next 12 months.


Historically, this vibrant purple shade has been associated with nobility, wealth and prestige, and is a popular choice with creative and eccentric types, not to mention a favourite of teenage girls.

Regarded as a positive colour by psychologists, it’s said to have the power to uplift, calm nerves and encourage creativity. Combining the coolness of blue and the warmth of red, purple is viewed as a good colour choice within the home.


Coming into vogue just in time for Australian autumn and winter, this moody hue is perfect for creating a warm and opulent feel in your home. While it lends an air of sophistication and class to the room; the challenges of styling with punchy purple is it can be tricky to find the right balance.

So how can you master subtle and sophisticated styling with Pantone’s new pick? Use these styling tips to bring ultra violet effortlessly into your home.


Go subtle with accents

If you’re unsure, start very small and introduce ultra violet in fragments and accents. Get too overzealous with it, and the look can quickly begin to feel heavy and overwhelmingly. Instead, start off by placing a few sprigs of lilac in vases in various rooms or bringing a purple cushion into the mix on your couch.


Pair it with yellow for added punch

Combinations of complementary colours are especially dynamic together as they play up to each other’s intensity. Yellow is opposite purple on the colour wheel, and when used together, they are vivid, balanced and particularly pleasing to the eye.


Soften it with similar colours

Work purple into your decorating scheme alongside other colours in the same family. This will create a softer, more approachable effect. Purple represents a grey/blue/red/pink spectrum, therefore, shades of these colours paired with purple will evoke a calm and serene space.


Saturated jewel tones

Indigo, charcoal and teal work in wonderfully with ultra violet for a high-end, elegant room. These darker, moody tones tie-in together for a look that’s right on trend for winter. Work in some contrast with reflective textures like glossy table tops and metallic accents.


Dark and Romantic

If your style is to go in guns blazing, why not embrace an all-out purple look? If you choose to hero purple as your primary colour, be sure to mix it up by using a variety of textures and fabrics.The finished look? A bold, confident styling statement. 

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