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Trending colours for autumn

Trending Colours for Autumn

Posted by Chris Carroll - TLC Interiors on Feb 28, '18
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Nothing is more exciting than a change of season. You know why? Because it affords you the opportunity to re-style your home! I don’t mean a complete overhaul, of course, but I do love to bring in new accent colours every few months, don’t you?

The good news: Lorraine Lea has released a few trending shades for autumn that are going to complete revamp your space. So let me tell you how easy it is to work these new tones into your home!


It’s all about moody Prune

Purple seems to be big this year, but you have to be careful with the tone you choose. The new prune pieces from Lorraine Lea are a winner if you ask me. They bring such a sense of depth, warmth and moodiness to a room - perfect for the cooler months ahead!

You’ll notice a few key decorator pieces decked out in glorious prune tones. Harper cushions and throws are my absolute weakness. When you place prune shades against a neutral backdrop like grey, white, black or beige, it really invigorates the space and makes it feel cosy.

If you want to make the space feel resolved, have Prune cushions and throws on a sofa and then find a few similar shades to pop into the room in smaller doses, like in art, rugs or flowers.


Prune and Pink

The best part about prune is that it plays so nicely with existing pieces in the Lorraine Lea range. Blush tones are a great place to start. Together, they bring a sense of femininity to a room and look lovely with soft greys and whites.


Bring in Indigo

Indigo doesn’t get left out in the cold here either. If you’re into bold colour combos and feel like getting daring, let prune, blush and indigo pop together in a room. Simply ground the look with some neutral tones like grey or cream, and you’ve got yourself a dazzling moment that’ll wow you on the daily.


Marry it with Mustard

Mustard is another big colour for Lorraine Lea this season, and I hope you get on board with it. It’s such a dapper, sophisticated tone - and it pairs so wonderfully with purple and indigo. Place both colours together against a darker backdrop and feel the luxe moody vibes they bring to a bathroom, for example.


Prune in the Bedroom

Of course, the prune tones get even better in the bedroom, and there are both new and existing bedding sets in the Lorraine Lea range that’ll help you rock this trend.

Midnight Rose is one of my absolute fave bedding sets this season and the added bonus is that it taps into this year’s big romance trend as well. That’s two gorgeous trends for the price of one.


Lorraine Lea quilt cover and coverlette sets, Sabine and Valentino, both sport lush prune tones too, and there are so many ways you can mix and match these sets with pink and grey tones to make them your own.

Of course, there are prune pillow cases, purple blankets and even a floral Midnight Garden laundry bag that takes the moody purple trend into all the pockets of your home.


Time to Experiment

Now that you know all of the dazzling colour combos you can create with prune, it’s time to get experimenting at home.

Whether it’s with blush, indigo, mustard, grey, white, black or mint (the list goes on!), it really is all about giving it a go and seeing with fabulous colour matches you can discover for yourself.

Happy styling!

~ Chris. 

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