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Trend Talk: Global Wanderer

Posted by lorrainelea on Jul 4, '17

Interior Stylist and Editor of The Life Creative, Chris Carroll, explains how to rock the Global Wanderer trend in your home. 

The global interiors trend is becoming more and more popular - and with good reason! It features a colour palette and textural story that’s so easy to implement, but packed with wow factor.


The Global Wanderer trend takes classic global style a step further by infusing it with a relaxed, tribal vibe. The best thing about this new trend is that it sports a tonne of versatility. So whether you love a cool or warm palette at home, Global Wanderer has you covered.

Let’s take a look at a few super-simple ways to rock Global Wanderer at your place.


Bold and Graphic Global Wanderer

Love a bedroom setting that’s bold and invigorating? The graphic Global Wanderer look is for you!

The base of this look starts with the sublime Zambia quilt cover set, and it’ll do a lot of the work for you. Sporting a stunning zebra-inspired print, its black and white base is punctuated with bright blue accents. There’s plenty of cosy charcoals in this setting too, and the colour combinations make your bedroom feel wonderfully moody.

To kick the look up a notch, bring in some Zebra cushions. Pair these with some dazzling Shimmer cushions in black and silver, and you have a scene that feels wonderfully wild and super tactile.


Because there are so many colours in the Zambia quilt cover set, you can choose to pair it with Premium Percale sheets in ocean, pewter, white, charcoal or black tones. The same goes for your Euro pillowcases. It really is a versatile, choose-your-own-adventure situation.

Because there’s a lot of drama in the Zambia quilt cover set, keep accessories around this bedding fairly subdued. Abstract art in black and white tones will work well, as will some divine Sigrid Vases and Edward Lamps on bedside tables.


Warm and Rustic Global Wander

Feel like silvers and blacks aren’t totally your thing? Fear not! You can take the Global Wanderer trend in a warmer and more rustic direction.

Using a softer quilt cover set like Christal will work well here. Use that as the calm moment in the space and then introduce more textural and graphic elements in the cushions, throws and art you bring in.


Cushions like the Lion, Chinchilla, Calabrese and Ponti will all play well with Christal and they sport warmer tones that’ll make the setting feel rich and inviting. A Shimmer cushion in copper and black is also a winner if you feel the bedscape needs some razzle-dazzle.

Harper and Bouclé throws are a nice addition here too and will further add more layers of gorgeous texture.

Because the bed is a more subdued moment in the space, bring in art that packs a little more punch. Art that features African animals or tribal-inspired motifs is a good idea. Let that be the punchy visual element in the room.


When it comes to styling bedsides, go for softer lamps like Newhaven, and pair them with Sigrid Vases in natural tones.

As you can see, the Global Wanderer trend has so much versatility. As long as you get the basics right (a graphic tribal quilt cover, or a calmer option), you can layer up as much or as little accessories that tap into this trend as you like!

Want more Global Wanderer inspiration? Check out the Lorraine Lea range here.


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