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Not All Towels Are Created Equal

Posted by lorrainelea on Dec 13, '16

Nothing beats stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a thick, soft and absorbent towel. But not all towels are created equal. There are some key differences between a stock-standard bath towel and a really great one that will last for years.

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Topics: absorbency, bath sheet, bath towel, bathroom, hand towel, high quality, home styling, sale, size, cotton, shopping, softness, tips, towel, towel weave, towels, weight

Christmas shopping: are your habits normal?

Posted by lorrainelea on Dec 5, '16

Have you ever wondered if you were perhaps being a little too generous at Christmas, or whether everyone was calling you "Scrooge" behind your back? It's hard to know who you're supposed to buy for and how much to spend, so some of us overspend trying to impress everyone, and regret it when the January credit card bill comes.

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Topics: christmas, Christmas gift guide, Christmas shopping, gift giving, gifts, lifehacks, pets, survey, wish list, xmas, holidays, presents, shopping, survey results

how to choose the right pillow

Posted by lorrainelea on Aug 23, '16

Buying a pillow sounds simple, right? But with so many varieties on the market, do you really know which one is best for you?

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Topics: allergies, bedding, bedroom, Featured Style, healthy, help, home, home styling, pillows, side sleeper, back pain, Featured Posts, pillow, shopping, sleep, tips

what type of Christmas shopper are you?

Posted by lorrainelea on Nov 10, '15

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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Topics: christmas, festive season, gift, gift card, gifts, habits, holiday season, lifehacks, shoppers, survey, xmas, present, shopping, shopping centre

Do you experience FOMO at sales time?

Posted by lorrainelea on Jul 20, '15

What is that feeling? ....You know, that electric mix of excitement and anticipation you get when you see the that magic word... SALE. Like a knee-jerk reaction, your pace quickens, your heart accelerates just a fraction and all purchasing rationale seems to fall by the wayside. We're all hungry for a bargain, and even the most level headed shopper can cave at the sight of a 50% off sign. If it's a good deal, it's worth buying, regardless of whether or not the item is actually needed. This basic sale logic can be referred to at a later date to explain our spontaneous purchases to incredulous partners. The sentence "but it was on sale!!" covers all manner or credit card indiscretions. So what is it that sends us into a frenzy at those January sales? The idea of a sale hits us at a psychological level. We may think it's all about the magnitude of the bargain, but the science behind what makes us go ga ga for a good deal is far more complex than that. FOMO - A fear of missing out: We know sale items will only be available for a limited time and there are only a small selection on offer. Time is of the essence, and the race to get our desired size, colour or style will prompt us to purchase quickly. This now-or-never mentality leaves us with less time to think and elevates our emotions, thus encouraging those impulse buys.

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