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Give your home dazzling spring vibes

Spring Styling

Posted by Chris Carroll - TLC Interiors on Oct 2, '18
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Spring is the perfect time to have a look around your home and see what decor you can update. You don’t need a complete overhaul, but a few small tweaks can make a big difference. So let me give you the lowdown on some quick style fixes you can implement to give your home those dazzling spring vibes.

Let’s start with the bedroom

In winter I’m all about layering like a boss, but with spring finally here it’s time to undress (the bed, I mean!). Start by removing the heavier blankets and throws you used in the colder months and pop those away until next year.

Now is also the right time to inject some colour into your boudoir. Winter is all about texture and turned-down tones. But in spring, rock a bedding set that’s splashed with hue.

You can choose to go literal here, with a leaf motif, or opt for something more abstract. Either way, it’s a good time to experiment with brights - and colour clashing is so much fun.

To keep the look cohesive, pull one colour from your bedding set and replicate it elsewhere in the room, like through art or bedside accessories.

 LL TLC _94A7723

Now onto your living room

We’re going to take the idea of colour play into this zone too, because spring is all about new beginnings. It makes perfect sense to bring some bold new colours onto your sofa then, don’t you think?

Look to colourful cushions to jazz up a tired sofa, and I always think that more is more. By keeping the look of the living room playful, it helps you channel a more relaxed spring vibe.

The colours you rock here are up to you, but I do love mint for spring. Pair it against a white, black or grey sofa and enjoy the vibrance it brings to your space.

New throws are essential too, as are vases on your coffee table. You might even choose to roll up a heavier rug and pop down a lighter faux fur or jute.

 LL TLC _94A7545

Say hello to the outdoors

How good is the feeling of that first warm day, where you open your back door and feel the sun again? The last thing you want is to walk into an outdoor area that feels sad and under-styled, right?

Embrace transforming your table and deck it out with decor like a tablecloth, placemats, vases, jugs and other moments that feel happy and colourful.

You can be far more relaxed with an outdoor space, so experiment with your tabletop and pop in whatever pieces you feel work with your chosen colour scheme.

Lorraine Lea have a phenomenal range of pieces for your outdoor area, so round ‘em up and style up a storm.

 LL TLC _94A7533

Don’t forget bathrooms!

Bathrooms often get forgotten when season’s change, but this year I encourage you to have a play in this zone.

Feel free to pop away your current soap dispenser sets and introduce some new materials like bamboo. It’ll give you the zen vibes your bathroom needs and make this entire zone feel more serene.

Also think about some new vignettes on vanity tops, and consider bringing in some brighter towel colours to add interest to the scene over the warmer months.


Rotate Away!

I love to decorate on a budget, so don’t feel like you have to overhaul everything at home. Simply pop away some of your wintery homewares and bring in brighter spring vibes through decor like vases, lamps, soft furnishings and bathroom accessories.

When the whether gets cold again, rotate away once more! It’s the best way to feel like your home is getting a style-over each season without spending a fortune on larger items.

Is your home ready for a spring update? Check out my latest video here

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