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Mastering the art of Hygge: hibernation at home

Posted by Lorraine Lea on Jul 3, '17

The winter season makes us want to hibernate inside our homes. Nestling into the couch or snuggling into a comfortable bed during the dark winter months not only sounds extremely appealing, but it also helps our minds and bodies rejuvenate.

While Australians are only just becoming aware of the healing powers of hibernation, the Danes have been onto it for years. So long, in fact, that the notion of enjoying the simple things in life has become entrenched in their cultural identity.

Hygge - in bed.jpgHygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish concept that encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being. It encourages the enjoyment of small, everyday things, like reading a book in a sun-lit nook or indulging in a belly-warming hot chocolate on a rainy day. We’ve compiled a list of easy ways to achieve habitual Hygge in your home this winter.

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Put on your trackies. Make tracksuit pants your outfit of choice when lounging around the house. Combine them with a pair of cosy wool slippers and you have the dynamic duo of comfort.

Close the blinds. Enhance the feeling of a cosy, warm sanctuary by shutting the blinds. This will help to keep the warm air inside, and give you some privacy when the lights are on. The ritual of closing the blinds and locking the doors gives you a feeling of being ‘tucked in’ for the night. *Activate hibernation mode*

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Layer upon layer. You can never have enough throw rugs or cushions. Layer them over each other to increase the feeling of comfort and create the ultimate cosy couch. Snuggling under a blanket or two on a cold day is the perfect way to unwind and warm up.

Create a nook. A lounge chair in a sunny corner of the room or a few oversized cushions on a thick, textured floor rug can make for an inviting little sanctuary. Take a load off, make yourself comfortable and get stuck into a good book or magazine.

Hygge - Reading.jpg

Lighting. Create mood and ambience by turning off the main light and switching on lamps and secondary lighting instead. The flickering light of candles or crackle of an open fireplace are soothing and you’ll be achieving true Hygge in no time!

Cook up a storm. Cooking at home is a wonderful way to increase the temperature of the house and make the atmosphere more ‘homely’. Bake some cookies and delight in the aroma that fills the house, or make a pot of belly-warming soup.

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Stop the draft. Keep the heat inside by making sure your doors are closed. Use draft stoppers at the bottom of doors and stop cold air seeping through. This will also minimise the noise that comes into the room from outside, meaning a more calm and relaxing space for you!

Treat yo’ self. Go on, live a little. Add an extra marshmallow to your hot chocolate, stay in your dressing gown an extra hour, do the crossword in bed, take a nap in the middle of the day. These are the small, simple things – enjoy them!

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