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Keeping it fresh in the bedroom

Keeping it fresh in the bedroom

Posted by Chris Carroll - The Life Creative on Aug 1, '17

Interior Stylist and Editor of The Life Creative, Chris Carroll, shares his tips on new ways to style your bed and make it look anything but boring!

In years gone by, traditional bed styling followed a pretty simple formula.

At the head of the bed you’d stack two European pillows. In front of those, four standard pillows. And in front of those, a cushion in the centre. The quilt itself sat under all of that, and you might lay a throw across the end of the bed (horizontal, straight and folded perfectly, of course!).

Flash forward a few years and thankfully bed styling has gotten a whole lot more exciting. Stylists have experimented when putting together the spreads you see in magazines and catalogues, and it’s inspired us all to be more creative in the bedroom.

Here are some new ways to make and decorate your bed that you may not have thought of yet. Prepare to turn your bed styling game on its head!

New ways to Style Pillows

Both European pillows don’t have to sit against the headboard. Try one European pillow at the back left of your setting (against the headboard), and the other one can go in the middle of your pillow stack on the right-hand side of the bed. This is a great way to make the setting feel more relaxed and less formal.

Forget about all four of your standard pillows sitting upright. Those days are over. Consider stacking two standard pillows on top of each other and having them lay down in front of your European pillow. This makes one side of the bed feel more structured and the other more casual. It makes for a really interesting contrast!

Don’t feel as though you have to buy a quilt cover set and only use that set in its entirety. You can actually mix and match standard pillowcases and European pillowcases from different sets. Try an array of tones and pillow positioning too. Often, the more thrown together and random the pillow placement is, the better it looks.

New ways to Style Sheets and Quilts

Gone are the days of your fitted sheet colour not mattering much. I love to show off both the fitted sheet and the flat sheet on the bed by rolling back the quilt cover significantly.

If you choose a flat sheet colour in an alternate shade to your fitted sheet, both of these pieces suddenly become an integral part of the overall bed styling. Roll back the quilt cover to show a sliver of the flat and fitted sheet colours .

The roll-back technique for bed making brings more life, depth and colour to your setting, and if your quilt cover has a different design on the reverse, the pop of additional pattern will amplify the look even more. If you’re working with a block colour quilt design (like Taya White), lay a blanket across the top of the quilt before you roll it back so there’s a strip of colour across the middle of the bed.

New Ways to Style Throws and Cushions

One cushion on the bed is not enough, and two sitting perfectly symmetrical in front of your standard pillows is also a little outdated.

Don’t be afraid to have three or four cushions on your bed in varying colours and textures. They don’t all have to match each other perfectly, the colours just need to speak to one another stylistically.

When it comes to throws, structured versions are over! It’s time to try diagonals, layering up multiple throws on top of one another across the width of bed, and also trying a throw laying vertically up the length of the bed.

The general message here: Have fun! Beds are not meant to be serious, they’re meant to be playful. So start mixing and matching all of your Lorraine Lea bedding pieces to create your very own individual look.

Want more bedroom inspiration? Check out the Lorraine Lea range here.

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