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how to keep snug & stylish at home this winter

Posted by Jen Waite - White Fox Styling on Aug 1, '17

When the weather is cold, there’s nothing like relaxing on the couch with a nice chunky throw rug or snuggling up in a soft, warm bed. Winter is such a fun time to change up the look of your home and get stuck into some cosy seasonal styling.


I love the moody colours that winter inspires, and it’s the perfect time to embrace those darker shades that you might ordinarily avoid. Monochromatic hues and rich, jewel tones are really strong trends this year, and when combined with gorgeous textures like velvet or faux fur, they create a warm and inviting vibe.


One of my favourite aspects of winter styling is playing with texture. For example, in the bedroom, I can’t go past a woven floor rug, a nice, chunky knit throw across the foot of the bed and some faux fur cushions worked in with my bed pillows and euros. These parts all work together to create interest and depth. Don’t forget to layer up on cushions and throws, because it really adds to that snuggly atmosphere.


There are so many wonderful Lorraine Lea pieces that I think are perfect for adding warmth to a winter home, but I do have a few favourites. The black and white Noni Quilt Cover design can be really striking when paired with other monochromatic linen and décor pieces. However, it can also be paired with neutral textures and blonde wood for a natural look.


I also love the amazingly soft and beautifully textural Malcolm rug. It so thick and warm that bare feet won’t even notice those cold winter floors! The Chinchilla throw and cushion cover are other faves, and are so versatile for a lounge, a master bedroom or even kids’ rooms.


Allow the cooler temperatures to influence your styling choices, and keep snug and stylish at home this winter. 

Need some more winter styling inspiration? Check Lorraine Lea's range of cosy decorator pieces!

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