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Home office hacks: how to create the perfect workspace

Posted by Lorraine Lea on Aug 7, '17

Anyone can put a desk and chair in a room, but what factors turn a lacklustre workspace into a really great home office? Here are a few common complaints and some savvy solutions that will increase productivity and make your home office a place you’ll want to spend time in.


Problem: I don’t have the space for a home office.

Solution: Maintaining an effective work area is all about maximising the space you have. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room as an office, with a bit of organisation, you can utilise any space to your advantage. There are some beautiful, functional home offices that are compact enough to fit inside a wardrobe or in the space underneath the stairs. Make use of all the space available to you: place storage cabinets under the desk, and hang filing units up the wall. With some forethought, these space-saving ideas can even look stylish.


Problem: My desk becomes a dumping ground for other household items.

Make a conscious effort to keep your workspace clear and tidy. Having lots of miscellaneous household items on the desk will only deter you from sitting down to get your work done. It’s important to keep your workspace organised and orderly to ensure your productivity is high. Keep computer and phone cables together and out of sight and utilise filing cabinets and folders so everything has its own place.


Problem: My household is too noisy to get any work done.

Solution: Set aside blocks of ‘work’ time when you know you won’t be interrupted. Move yourself to the quietest area in the house and if possible, lock the door. If you can work with music on in the background, turn it on to help drown out some of the outside noise and allow you to focus on the task at hand.


Problem: I hate the thought of sitting in an office.

Solution: Your home office doesn’t have to feel like a corporate cubical. Your office is a part of your home, and you’re free to decorate and style your space as you choose. Select comfortable, but attractive furniture that fit your home’s design aesthetics. Hang family photos, inspiration boards and fresh plants to help personalise and energise the space. Add a plush, comfortable floor rug to keep things cosy, and kick off your shoes while you work. Have some fun and make your office space somewhere you want to spend time in. 


Problem: My office doesn’t get much natural light.

Solution: You don’t want your space to be oppressive, dark and unstimulating. If the room feels dim and dingy, it’s not going to inspire much creativity or enthusiasm. The key is to make sure you have sufficient light sources. The warm glow of natural light is the best, but be wary of monitor placement in relation to the window so you’re not dealing with glare coming off the screen. If windows are in short supply, try lamps with soft bulbs, although avoid overhead fluorescent lights.

Home Office Hints:

  1. Use a back support cushion, an ergonomically designed desk chair, or even a standing desk for better health.
  2. Get rid of clutter for fewer distractions and maximum efficiency.
  3. Invest in smart file storing solutions and keep everything at your fingertips.
  4. Style things up with colour coordinated accessories.

 Do you have any other tried-and-tested home office tips? Share them in the comments below! 

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