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Welcome to our collection of tips, hints and tricks to make your home life lovely. Learn how to create spaces you want to spend time in, and live a life you love. 

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Recent Posts

Party For Kids With Cancer - PJ Bear's Tips For The Perfect Party

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on May 24, '17

PJ Bear is our cute and cuddly Party for Kids with Cancer® ambassador. We sat down with him to get his ‘bear essential’ tips for hosting a terrific fundraising party.

What should hosts do to prepare for their party?

PJ: Make sure you've spoken with all your guests in the week before the party – everyone is busy, and sometimes people can forget! 

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Topics: people

Reality Stars Share The House Rules For Autumn

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Feb 6, '17

Autumn is awesome this year, thanks to the latest catalogue and a little help from Reality TV favourites, Carly Schulz and Leighton Brow.

With keen eyes for detail and a knack for building an atmosphere, Carly and Leighton were the perfect picks as Styling Partners for the launch of Lorraine Lea's autumn range and Inspirations Catalogues.

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Topics: advice, bedroom, home, home decor, Home Styling, home styling, inspiration, life-styling tips & advice, decorating trends, people, tips

the cutting edge: knife knowledge for every day

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Mar 16, '16

Knives are knives….right? They chop things, they’re fun to sharpen, and we know never to put them in the toaster. All in all, they're the same.

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Topics: home styling

What's Cookin's Good Lookin'

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Mar 9, '16

With the rise of shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, cooking is cool again. Now, more than ever, we're aware that the right, quality, cookware is crucial to preparing and presenting a mouthwatering meal.

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Topics: home styling

Undercover Boss Parties Hard

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Mar 4, '16

Heading up any successful family business comes with its own set of pressures and responsibility, the kind that don’t usually allow much energy to party. But after 22 years at the helm of Lorraine Lea, Adrian Ryan realised partying is exactly what he had to do.

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Topics: home styling

Bust the Rut- Build Your Own Business And Take On The World

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Feb 23, '16

Before Lorraine Lea, Rachell Mudie of Victoria was juggling a full-time accounts job, coaching netball teams and ferrying her three kids to all their sporting commitments. She and her husband, who is a shift worker, rarely had time together and her lack of strong career direction had her stuck in a rut. Today, at the head of a successful team of female business owners, Rachell has the flexibility to be with her busy family and the fulfilling career she didn't know she needed.

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Topics: business, car, family, home styling, independent, leader, success, profit, Success Stories, women

Calm Your Space With Autumn Colour

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Feb 19, '16

Refreshing your decor with the season can seem difficult, especially when you don't feel like a full makeover. In reality, creating autumnal cosiness in your home can be as simple as adding a splash of the right colour. In the right hue, throw rugs, cushions and linen are all easy and cost effective tools to bring autumn inside.

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Topics: home styling

towel tlc - how to be kind to your beach towel

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Dec 15, '15

 It's time to prepare your beachside buddy and keep her beautiful with these top towel tips.   

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Topics: beach, care instructions, lifehacks, washing, summer, towels

chill out and drop off: sleeping cool in summer

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Dec 15, '15

Things heating up in the bedroom isn’t always as good as it sounds. Staying cool is necessary for deep and restful sleep, so how do we avoid sweltering, sleepless summers?

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Topics: home styling

sleeping with pets - science says yes

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Dec 9, '15

Snoozing with your schnoodle and cuddling with your calico could see you sleeping more soundly, according to a recent study.

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Topics: bed, healthy home, insomnia, lifehacks, pets, Sleep, sleep study, people, sleep, sleep hygiene

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