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achieving the great Australian dream

Posted by Lorraine Lea on Jan 18, '18

Buying a family home is a dream shared by many Australians, but with housing prices continuing to sky-rocket, this age-old goal of home-ownership is getting further out of reach for many families. 

Mother-of-5 from NSW, Shellie, discloses how she was able to save house deposit in just 13-months. 

For almost a decade, it had been an enduring goal of Shellie and her partner, Jason, to own their very own house. However, with five children to support and the burden of various debts, it seemed to be almost unattainable. 

Saving for a house deposit was a slow process,” admits Shellie.

"Jason and I have been together for nine years, living together for seven, and right from the get-go, we’ve been wanting to buy our own house. Even after we got on top of our debts and had a clean slate to start saving, the day-to-day expenses made it challenging to get ahead.”


Before falling pregnant with her youngest child, Shellie had been a full-time supervisor at Lincraft. However, after Charlotte was born, she dropped back to part-time hours to try and avoid the considerable cost of child care.  

“It just wasn’t feasible to put Charlotte into day care. The fees were too high, and it didn’t make sense to be working all day to pay for someone else to look after my child,” explains Shellie.

Over the years, she’d often attended and hosted Lorraine Lea parties, and every time would consider how much money she could be making if she were the Stylist.

“I always thought, “I could do this!”, but it took a little while before I seriously considered taking that step and starting my own business. Jason was so supportive and encouraged me to just give it a go and figure out the rest later.”

In May 2016, spurred on by Jason’s reassurance, Shellie took advantage of a Lorraine Lea joining promotion and kick-started her own business as an Independent Stylist. She was thrilled to see the money coming in from her home styling parties straight away.

“I’d say 90% of the money I was making from parties went into savings for the house deposit. I already had a part-time job, so all the profits I earned from Lorraine Lea was extra on top of that and could go towards savings.”

“Even though my family and friends had already held a lot of parties in the past, they were more than happy to help me get started with my business. The way I see it: you can never have enough sheets or towels, and Lorraine Lea products are good quality, so you can’t go wrong!”

With the flexibility to book parties at times that suited her, Shellie found she could tailor her Lorraine Lea hours around the needs of her children, while continuing to work two days a week at Lincraft. For the first time, she felt as though her efforts to save where gathering momentum.

Less than a year after starting with Lorraine Lea, Shellie faced a 'sink or swim' moment when Lincraft closed down and she was made redundant.

“I felt quite lucky to have had my business during this time, which meant there was still money coming in while I looked for another part-time job. Without that, I would have had to dip into savings just to stay alive, and all the money I had saved for a house deposit would have disappeared. Fortunately, I had Lorraine Lea there to fall back on.”

In mid-2017, 13 months after starting her business, Shellie and Jason attended an auction for what they considered to be their ideal family home.

“It’s quite hard to find a house that meets all our requirements. We have so many kids and we need a bigger house, and that means more money. We went to the auction and I was bidding my little heart out. I knew I shouldn’t get too emotionally invested in the house, but I felt that this was the one!”


“Our dream finally came true. We won the auction and it felt amazing. We thought home ownership was never going to happen for us, so it means the world to be in this position.”

“The kids are so excited to be moving to our own place. Charlotte packed up all her toys into boxes the day after the auction, even though we weren’t actually moving for weeks!”

With their goal of buying a house complete, the next big aspiration is to upgrade their cars and go on a family holiday.

“I’ve got a vision board in my office, and new cars and a holiday are big goals I’m now working towards. I’m really enjoying my career with Lorraine Lea and the earning potential is great. To be honest, I wish I’d joined up sooner.”

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