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5 simple & cost-effective ways to spruce-up your home for summer

Posted by Lorraine Lea on Sep 1, '17

Slowly but surely, summer is coming. And as you start to bring items from your summer wardrobe into outfit rotation, you should also be thinking about small changes you can make to your home decor to keep things looking and feeling fresh.

Changing your decor to suit the season doesn't have to cost a fortune, and shouldn't take too much time or effort either. Get your rooms ready for summer with these simple and cost-effective styling tips. 

  1. Start with a light-coloured base.
    Lighter colours increase the feeling of space in a room, so for summer, it makes sense to utilise a range of lighter hues in your decorating. Choose neutral shades or pastel tones for walls, curtains, quilt covers and furniture. 


  2. Pick natural fibres. 
    Amplify an organic feel by choosing light timbers over dark woods, and natural finishes for furniture, lamps and rugs. Again, by going for lighter colours, it will open up your space, and make the room feel more inviting. 


  3. Use living plants. Summer is all about the outdoors, so why not bring a little piece of the outdoors inside? Having a hanging planter pot or some potted greenery inside will revitilise the space and breathe some life into a tired interior. 


  4. Try some texture.
    While keeping a tonal, relaxing colour palette, you can use as many different textures as you like. This will add interest and layers, without making the room feel busy. Hang an eye-catching wall hanging on a plain wall, add some faux fur cushions to your couch or an array of interesting vases to the coffee table.


  5. Create some sophistication.
    You may want to add another layer to your look, and you can do this by introducing a rich colour into the mix. Try using touches of deep indigo to your arrangements. This will create some depth and balance the lighter shades used in the room. 


Sound simple? Try it at home yourself! For more home styling inspiration, check out Lorraine Lea's Spring Summer range.


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