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4 ways to rock texture

Posted by Chris Carroll - The Life Creative on Aug 25, '17

Interior Stylist and Editor of The Life Creative, Chris Carroll, explains how to use texture to create comfort, balance, impact and mood in the home. 

Choosing colours and patterns for your home is usually at the top of the to-do list. But the one element that is often overlooked is texture. Considering it plays such a crucial role in how the rooms in your home feel, it really does warrant some careful consideration.

Below I’ll show you four ways texture can impact how a space feels, and how you can use it to your advantage when decorating.

Texture to Create Comfort

The golden rule when it comes to texture: the more varying textures you put into a room, the warmer and more inviting it’ll feel.

Bed 2.jpg

This point is perfectly illustrated in the bedroom, where layers of different materials are needed the most.

Starting with your bed, have a think about the different materials you can have play together on it. Mixing Premium Percale sheets with flannelette is a good idea, as is bringing in some satin pillow cases too.

When it comes to the quilt cover set, selecting an option like Taya, Mosaic, Perez or Portia is a great approach because these beauties have built-in texture like ripples and embellishments. These qualities add further softness to the space - and allow you adorn the bed with throws and cushions that feature materials like faux fur or a chunky knit.


Ensure you think well beyond your bedding too. A plush Malcolm floor rug at the base of the bed is another way to add even more texture (and ensure maximum cosiness!).

Texture to Create Interest

How the room feels is one thing, but how it looks is just as important.

Monochrome Couch.jpg

An easy way to add interest to a room is to bring in decorator pieces that have tactile textures. Something as simple as canvas art instead of a framed glass piece is a good idea for your walls. But also consider alternative options with built-in texture like a Carly wall hanging.

If you love the formality of a framed image, why not display a photograph of something textural, like a field of grass, some bird feathers or a horse's mane? There are some affordable wildlife photos on the market right now that will bring interest to your space with ease!

Wall Art.jpg

Adding depth through pieces like cushions is a cinch too. Going for a cushion with faux fur (like Chinchilla) or sequins (like Shimmer) can add a world of dimension to your sofa, armchair or pillow arrangement.

Texture to Create Balance

Having a think about how the different textures in your home play together is important. Too many of the one material can make a space feel flat.

For example, a tonne or weathered pieces like brick, wicker, steel and concrete can make a space feel too cold. While too many plush textures can make it feel too cosy and informal.

Blush and Grey.jpg

The best approach here is to have a mixture of many materials; hard and soft, masculine and feminine, smooth and rough.

Placing a glossy Addison vase on a table top made of wood is a great example of masculine versus feminine. While popping a stack of plush Cooper towels on your marble bathroom vanity is a gorgeous example of soft versus hard.


Some decorator pieces like Sigrid vases or Edward lamps have a combination of hard and soft, or rough and matte materials in them already. This makes them super versatile in bringing balance to your room.

Texture to Create Mood

The last way to use texture at home to your full advantage is to evoke mood.

Whether a room feels cosy or clinical, sophisticated or casual, all depends on which textures you choose to introduce.

Materials like coloured glass, faux cowhide, brass and marble can all make a space feel high-end and elegant. While on the other hand, materials such as blonde timbers, shaggy rugs, concrete decor and tasselled throws can feel more relaxed.


It’s wise to sit back and think about the mood you want to feel in a room, and then go about selecting the textures you bring in.

Happy Decorating!

Hopefully you’ve gotten some great ideas here to rock texture at home like a pro. And as I always say, just enjoy the experimentation and work away until you create a look and feel you love!

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