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4 ways to rock coastal

Posted by Lorraine Lea on Nov 9, '17

There’s nothing better than a coastal look at home - especially when the weather is warmer. What makes this style even better is how versatile it is. From classic coastal, to nautical, to tropical and beyond; there are so many ways to make this aesthetic go further.

Here's a few ways to get the most out of a coastal look this season and beyond.

Start with a Classic Coastal Palette

Crisp whites and rich blue tones are the starting point for any coastal look. What’s so good about these tones is that you can control how much or how little you want of each colour. For a traditional coastal look, make white the dominant tone and allow blue to be the accent.

To add interest to the setting, allow patten into the mix. Whether it’s geometric shapes, polka dots or something more floral-inspired (the latter is very Hamptons), as long as the colours remain white and blue you’re on the right track.


In terms of accessories, blonde timbers, glossy ceramics and glassware are also a must-try. You can even introduce some watery green or cream tones. Opt for shades that remind you of the seaside and you can’t go wrong.

To keep it feeling light and airy, throw in a few Newhaven lamps on your beside and you’re set.

Take things in a Nautical Direction

After a bit more colour and pop in your space? You can easily take the coastal blue-and-white approach and throw in some red. It’ll instantly take the look in a more vibrant, nautical direction.

The red in this look is always the supporting player (less is more here), but if you keep the red bright and bold it’ll really stand out against the base palette.


When it comes to nautical style, look to accessories that feel more literal; boat motifs, anchor prints on cushions, bird art and oars will all work wonders.

Going Rustic Bohemian

Eager to introduce some rustic, bohemian style to your home? The good news is that you can take the coastal look in this direction too!

Keep deep, moody blues at the forefront for this look. Using a quilt cover set like Taya Indigo is a wise choice and can be paired with white cushions from your existing Taya setting. A Josie wall hanging will add some much-needed texture and warmth to the look, as will Sigrid vases in neutral tones.

The idea here is to make this style feel warmer and cosier, with a lot of textural interest. This look isn’t about being crisp and clean, but rather tactile and earthy.


A Margaret floor rug underfoot would also work wonders in channelling a rustic, boho vibe. A neutral-coloured throw in wouldn’t go astray either!

Tropical Patterns for the Win

There’s nothing better than a tropical pattern, but don’t feel as though you have to move toward a green colour story at home in order to bring this look to life.

There are great pieces like the Azalia placemats and runner that sport a leaf motif but still stay true to the blue-and-white colourway the coastal style is known for.

You can keep the look light and pair these pieces with whites and teals, or you can pop them against a darker palette and make it feel like a more sophisticated summer. The choice is entirely yours and there’s loads of room for experimentation.


The good news is that the coastal style is so versatile that you can mix and match loads of your existing decor pieces with fresh season buys! 

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