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Insomnia? Hot flushes? Here's the solution...

Posted by Lorraine Lea on May 29, '17

Are you one of the millions of Australians who struggle to get to sleep at night?

Do you toss and turn, get uncomfortably hot, throw the covers off (and pull them back on again), stick a leg out of the bed to cool down or keep flipping your pillow to the 'cold side' throughout the night?


The reason your body can't slip easily into sleep mode is because it's not at your ideal resting temperature. Finding and maintaining an optimal climate for sleeping can be tricky, but thankfully, there's now a product on the market that can help.

Allow us to introduce...  Thermal Balancing bedding.

This is state-of-the-art technology that was originally created for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space. Yes, that's right, this bedding is a little piece of space-age genius!


It helps you maintain a stable body temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing excess body heat as you need it. This allows you to fall asleep faster and remain comfortable throughout the night. Brilliant!

When your body doesn't get uncomfortably hot under the covers, it means you won't sweat nearly as much - a godsend for those trying to manage night sweats or hot flushes. Thermal Balancing technology pulls the excess heat away from your skin, which significantly reduces the build-up of humidity (sweat) by up to 50%.


Whether it's hot or cold outside the bed, Thermal Balancing bedding works to stabilise your optimal skin temperature, no matter the season. It also reacts to individual temperature needs, so if you're sleeping under the same Thermal Balancing Quilt or on a Thermal Balancing Mattress Topper as someone who is a ‘hot sleeper’ you'll still both benefit from thermal regulation. Likewise, for anyone who feels the cold and struggles to stay warm through the night, this bedding will help. There’s no other technology on the market that can do this.

Bottom line is, the Thermal Balancing bedding range will help you get a better night's sleep, and we could all do with a bit more of that!


Did we mention it's exclusive to Lorraine Lea and you can get it at a huge discount when you host a party?



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