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Party For Kids With Cancer - PJ Bear's Tips For The Perfect Party

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on May 24, '17

PJ Bear is our cute and cuddly Party for Kids with Cancer® ambassador. We sat down with him to get his ‘bear essential’ tips for hosting a terrific fundraising party.

What should hosts do to prepare for their party?

PJ: Make sure you've spoken with all your guests in the week before the party – everyone is busy, and sometimes people can forget! 

Encourage them to bring some friends along, as the more your guests spend at your party, the more you can donate to Camp Quality through Host Credits. Pick up some yummy nibbles and drinks and your Stylist will take care of the rest.


cheese and biscuits for a party It doesn't take much to put together a spread that will entice your friends to come along and enjoy themselves


How can hosts make sure their friends are excited about attending their party?

PJ: The parties that promise the most fun are always the best ones. If your friends like dress-ups, why not theme your party as a ‘pyjama party’? If they like wine, hold a tasting night and have everyone bring a bottle of their favourite wine to share. Just by organising a fun night of drinks, nibbles and shopping with friends, you can make a huge difference to kids impacted by cancer and their families.

What should you do if some of your guests can’t attend?

PJ: If some of your guests can’t make it, explain that they can still help the cause by making a donation via the Stylist's online fundraising page (the Stylist will give you the details in advance) or by placing an order prior to the party.

What else can hosts do at parties to raise money?

PJ: Donating your Host Credits is the best way to raise money, but you might also like to do some additional fundraising at your party. You could have a raffle or lucky door prize or might want to pass around a collection tin. Talk to your Stylist about what they think will work best.

Where do the Host Credit donations go?

PJ: All the money raised during Party For Kids With Cancer® month is donated to Lorraine Lea’s charity partner, Camp Quality. These funds help sponsor Camp Quality’s program of fun days and camps for children impacted by cancer and their families. These days out help to strengthen their well-being and boost their support networks. It is an opportunity for them to relax, make positive memories not centred on sickness, and create lifelong friendships.


4 boys at a Camp Quality fund day When you party in June you're helping kids like these


What if guests want to help, but can’t host their own party in June?

PJ: There are so many other ways to get involved and help the fundraising effort. Start by talking to your Stylist. Guests may be able to attend another fundraising party, donate a raffle prize or make a cash donation online. Every little bit counts!

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