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How to be good in bed

How to be good in bed

Posted by lorrainelea on May 11, '17

Interior Stylist and author of The Life Creative, Chris Carroll, explains how to build a comfy, healthy beding base- allowing you the best night's sleep.

Thought bedroom style was all about what’s happening on top of the bed? Think again. For a bedroom you want to wake up in, it’s all about what’s going on underneath your quilt cover.

So before the inevitable excitement hits over which bedding set you want to secure this season, let’s take some time to explore the essentials you need for your bed’s base. These key pieces will not only ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep, but they’ll protect your mattress for years to come while they’re at it.

Layer 1

1. It all Starts with a Mattress Topper

A soft bed starts with a mattress topper, and Lorraine Lea’s Greenfirst Mattress Topper is where it’s at. Not only does it repel and kill dust mites with a natural treatment based on lemon, lavender and eucalyptus essential oil extracts, but it’s also packed with 900gsm of polyester ball fibre (hello superior cushiness!).

Layer 2.jpg

2. Next Comes your Quilted Protector

You’ve got the dust mites taken care of, but now it’s time to add another layer of long-term protection for the mattress itself. Lorraine Lea’s Coral Fleece Quilted Protector fits over the mattress topper perfectly and features a waterproof, polyurethane coating. This is luxury and longevity at its best - and is an essential middle layer in creating the perfect bed.

Layer 3.jpg

3. Now we pop on the Wool Underlay

With the protection of your mattress taken care of, now we have to take care of you. That’s where the Wool Underlay comes into play - and you can choose from a standard or premium reversible option here. Either way, this is all about ensuring you wake up refreshed every morning. Thanks to the inherent qualities in the wool used, your body temperature stays regulated to ensure you don’t overheat or freeze.

4. Finally, Make your Sheet of Choice

Lorraine Lea has a range of sheeting options, each with its own set of benefits:

  • Premium Percale: Long lasting and made from a 50/50 polyester cotton, they feature a tight weave, 250 thread count, and come in up to 18 colour options.
  • Cotton: Available in four soothing shades, these sheets feature a 500 thread count sateen weave. Silky to the touch, they also offer phenomenal breathability.
  • Flannelette: Retaining body heat is what makes flannelette so special. Enjoy a cosy slumber on even the coolest night, and easily match them with your fave quilt cover set.

What’s the deal with Thread Count?

Thread count, put simply, is the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. In years gone by, people assumed that the higher the thread count, the better quality the fabric.

Nowadays, we know that it’s more about what the bedding is made from, rather than how many threads it contains.

Personally, I think it’s what you like the feel of. A Percale sheet, for example, is actually better when the thread count that sits around the 200 or 250 mark because it’s more dense and long-lasting.

So ditch that old-school thread count mentality, veer toward how a sheet feels and what it’s made from, and you’ll end up with a comfortable night’s sleep and a product that stands the test of time.

Ready to make your bed a haven of style and comfort? Click here to get started.

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