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Decorating with mint

Trend: Decorating with Mint

Posted by lorrainelea on Mar 29, '17

Interior Stylist and Editor of The Life Creative, Chris Carroll, shares some of his favourite tips and tricks for home decorating with mint.

There’s no fresher tone in my humble opinion than mint. Not only does it bring a crisp and contemporary vibe to a space, but it’s one of the most-versatile colours you can use at home.

The added bonus when it comes to decorating with mint is that it’s not overtly feminine or masculine in nature, so it’s a bit of an all-rounder in terms of winning over the whole family.

To prove just how versatile this colour is, read on for some ideas and inspiration that’ll have you decorating with mint in just about every pocket of your humble abode.

Mint & White: Crisp and Clean.

mint 1.jpg

In its purest form, mint does have a crisp and clean feel about it. To play up this quality, pair mint with bright whites. This will help make the space feel clean, cool and invigorating to the eye. Not only can you do this through your bedding, but consider pairing mint tones with Lorraine Lea’s marble accessories in your bathroom or kitchen too. Pop some greenery in a mint Sigrid vase (coming in May) and the look is complete.

Mint & Grey: Rich and Moody

mint 2.jpg

The great news: you can make mint work all-year round - even in the cooler months. Simply use mint as an accent tone against a deep charcoal base and you have yourself a setting that feels cosy without a warm tone in sight. To achieve this, I love to layer up a sofa with Calais throws in grey and mint tones. Throw in a Harper Cushion for added plushness and you’re set for movie night.

Mint & Blush: Colour Clash

mint 4.jpg

Mint is a cool tone, so if you’re looking to create that perfect sense of balance at home, bring in some warm blush shades (which are trending so hard right now!).

mint 3.jpg

This colour harmony is so well demonstrated in the Ashton Quilt Cover Set, which features a beautiful interplay of mint, blush, black, white and blue shades. It’s my idea of bedroom heaven and you can get really playful with the accessories you choose to introduce on top and around it.

Mint & Black: Sleek and Sophisticated

mint 5.jpg

Sure, mint works well with brights and other colours, but it can really pop against a black palette too. If you prefer your home to evoke a sleek and sophisticated vibe, mint is the perfect tone to showcase here. A black bathroom is the ideal space to introduce some Cooper towels in mint tones. Or consider pairing mint accessories with a Savoy Lamp on your bedside table to keep the look effortlessly elegant.

Mint & Timber: Masculine meets Feminine

mint 6.jpg

The last way to rock mint is by pairing it with contemporary wood tones and even some more industrial timber moments. Doing this creates a gorgeous sense of contrast. The glossy, fluid qualities in pieces like the Sigrid Vase (coming soon) play wonderfully against the harder and edgier wood surfaces seen in a variety of coffee and dining tables. It’s a yin and yang decorator decorator moment that I can’t get enough of.

mint 7.jpg

I hope this post has given you some food for thought when it comes to decorating with mint. Give it a go at home this season and I’m sure you’ll come to realise how versatile this beautiful tone is.

And if you need more inspiration, check out the full range of Lorraine Lea decor here.

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