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How NOT to break your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by lorrainelea on Jan 5, '17

It's that time of year again. The time we reflect on the successes and failures of past year and make vague resolutions we'll most likely have forgotten about by Australia Day.

Be Better. Do More. Save More.

The reason most of us fail to fulfil the lofty goals we set ourselves is they generally involve some sort of drastic self improvement. Without a dedicated lifestyle change, this kind of overhaul can be difficult to achieve.

We compiled a list of the most common New Year's Resolutions people make and found that a career change could be the key to unlocking that desirable lifestyle: allowing people to do more of the things they value and less of the things they don't.


Resolution 1:Make more time for family. This one sounds simple, but with the demands of a hectic career, putting aside quality time to spend with family can actually be quite challenging. Mastering this resolution comes down to being able to take control of your own time. Those who run their own businesses will find it much easier to fit work hours around their family commitments. As a small business owner, a happy 'work-life' balance is in your hands.

Resolution #2: Lose weight. It's not an exact science, but often people who spend most of their time sitting at a computer are more likely to put on weight than those who are on their feet and active in their role. If losing some kilos is your goal for 2017, consider escaping the office and perusing a more social career where your surroundings are constantly changing.


Resolution #3: Save more money. Whether you're saving for a home, a wedding, a holiday or just for a rainy day, most people could use a bit more money in the bank at the end of the  year. If you're barely breaking even with salary and bills in your current job, it doesn't hurt to look at what else is out there. The secret to earning more and saving more is to work smarter, not harder. Find a job that gives you the opportunity to earn more dollars for less hours and offers extra perks along the way to keep you motivated. Money.jpg

Resolution #4: Enjoy life every day. As the saying goes 'choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life'. We should aspire to do more of what we enjoy, both on the weekends AND weekdays. Find a career that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning and you'll stop living for the weekend and start seeing the beauty in every day - Monday's included.

Resolution #5: Go on holiday. Often we find ourselves reflecting on the year that was, only to realise we didn't manage to get away on that tropical vacation we'd hoped for. Taking a break from work is good for the soul, but if work is getting in the way of that dream trip, then perhaps you're in the wrong industry. As your own boss, you'd be able to take some time out whenever you got the travel bug. There are also companies out there that reward their people with 5-star getaways every year!

Are these resolutions on your list? Check out the perks of becoming a Lorraine Lea Independent Stylist. 

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