Christmas shopping: are your habits normal?

Posted by lorrainelea on Dec 5, '16

Have you ever wondered if you were perhaps being a little too generous at Christmas, or whether everyone was calling you "Scrooge" behind your back? It's hard to know who you're supposed to buy for and how much to spend, so some of us overspend trying to impress everyone, and regret it when the January credit card bill comes.

So, to help with some of the stress, we held a Christmas shopping survey with some surprising results.

Who Do Aussies Buy For? 

When it comes to who to include on your shopping list, most Australians think family is a must, but then we start to get a little more discerning. While 62% of Aussies reported buying Christmas presents for themselves, only 58% buy for their friends and just 27% bought something for a colleague. Meanwhile, 29% of us bought Christmas presents for our furry friends, because, let's face it, they deserve it.
Cute Christmas Doggo with Presents

Are We Spending Enough, Or Too Much? 

88% off us bought at least 6 Christmas presents last year, with 66% spending a minimum of $500 on Christmas shopping. So as long as you have your immediate family covered and you're keeping yourself well within your credit limit, it would seem you can avoid the label of Grinch, while staying smart about your holiday spending.

Are We Buying The Right Gifts? 

Even in this age of being able to stalk people's Pinterest accounts, or ask them which Etsy stores are their favourites, 66% of Aussies aren't willing to rely on their own judgement. More than half of Australians will straight out ask friends and family "what do you want for Christmas".

Despite this large number of Christmas wish list requesters, 47% of us received  more than one gift last year that we still haven't used! Perhaps more people need to start asking each other what they want.

Christmas presents with ornaments

With the stress of gift giving aside, 50% of Aussies still count Christmas as their favourite time of year. Perhaps it's not the presents that make December so fun after all?


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