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Earn Big Bucks While Studying

Posted by lorrainelea on Oct 12, '16

Casual job stressing you out? Sick of your roster clashing with your study timetable? We have a solution...

Become a Lorraine Lea Independent Stylist and start holding home styling parties instead! As a Stylist, you're in control of when you work and how much you make, so you'll never have to miss out on another social event, friend's birthday or sporting team commitment.

You can pick and choose the days and times you want to hold parties, and make your business work around your class schedule and social life. Best of all, you can truthfully tell people you 'party for a living'.


FAQ about becoming a Lorraine Lea Independent Stylist:

How much can I earn? The great thing about being an Independent Stylist is your income isn't limited by your age or experience. Stylists earn an average of $200 per party and each party lasts approximately 3 hours. You can book as many parties as you like, and earn money quickly - that European adventure is closer than you think!

How does it compare to other part-time jobs? Based on the average party amount of $200, you'd be making $66.65 per hour for the face-to-face time you put in. You'll also have to do a few things to get organised for the party, like help the host plan their guest list and send out invitations. Compare that to the average wage for a retail sales assistant ($18 per hour) or a waiter/waitress at a restaurant ($15 per hour), you're doing pretty well. When you're working less hours for more income, it gives you more time to study and more cash to pay for the things you enjoy.

Do I have to work weekends? You're the boss, so if you really don't want to work Saturdays or Sundays, you don't have to. Parties can be held at a time that suits both you and the host throughout the week.


I know nothing about home styling. Is that a problem? An interest in home decor is all that is required, so if you love watching the room reveals on The Block, Reno Rumble or House Rules, you're already ahead of the game! All Stylist training and support is provided free of charge to help you get started and get the most out of  your business.

What happens during exam time?  When your course workload gets too heavy, you can reduce the number of parties you're doing, or schedule them for a later date when you have more time.

Can I still go away during study breaks? Of course! You deserve a chance to unwind after a hard semester on the books. Whether you're planning a tropical island escape or a road trip with friends, the only person who has to approve your time off is you. Just block out the dates in your diary, so you don't book any parties at that time.

Can I just do one or two parties a week? This is your business and you can party as little or as much as you like. If a couple of hundred dollars is all you need per week, then partying once a week may suit you.

Do I get a discount on product? Yep, as a Stylist, you'll shop the Lorraine Lea range at 40% off all year round.

What's the catch? No, really ...there is no catch. All you need is $100 for a Kit Deposit to get started. It may just be the best investment you make.


Think this sounds like you? Find out more about becoming an Independent Stylist.

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