how to create a coastal interior

Posted by lorrainelea on Oct 6, '16

Want the beach-side lifestyle without the price tag?

According to our Spring Summer Styling Partners, Michael and Carlene, you can create that coastal feel, no matter how far you live from the ocean.


Channel the relaxed vibes of a coastal interior with these simple styling tips:

  1. Be inspired by the colours of a beach-scape. Use a colour palette of sandy neutrals and ocean blues.
  2. Connect your spaces together. Carry these colours through all rooms of the home.
  3. Make furniture a feature. This trend works best with light coloured furnishings and blonde woods.
  4. Embrace natural materials and interesting textures. Now's the time to try that over-sized pendant lamp or woven floor rug!
  5. Create impact with vignettes. Don't underestimate the impact of small beach-inspired vignettes on bedsides and coffee tables, but avoid clichés such as coral and shells.

Watch Michael and Carlene's top styling tips to achieve beach-side style.

[wpvideo cOzhd5Vd]

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