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Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 27, '16

Metals have been a key trend for a while now, but far from a fading fad, this look continues to evolve and seems set to be strong in 2017.

From splashes of sliver to glimmers of gold, metallic pieces are a great way to make your space shine. However, there's an art in finding the perfect balance between dull and drama.

Here are some ways to jump on the band-wagon and introduce metallics into your décor without going overboard.


Add gold for glamour

A touch of glimmering metal can add interest and make a space feel more glamorous. Soft, warm-toned metals like copper and gold can help to create a feeling of elegance and give a colour scheme an exciting edge. Choose a metallic-flecked quilt cover design, wallpaper or decorator cushion to add a sense of sophistication without over-doing it.


Keep your palette neutral

Metallics are easier to introduce into a colour scheme that is fairly subdued. Neutral palettes are ideal as they make your bling pop and there's no limit to the type of metal you can use.

One of the great things about metallics is they reflect light and can make a smaller space feel more open and lively.

While copper and rose gold are still popular choices for decorative accents, brass finishes are beginning to come to the forefront. The antique brass look is timeless, and you can't go wrong when using classic silver and gold.


Start with small touches.

The simplest way to try this look in your home is to introduce pieces that are easy to change. Try bed linen with a metallic pattern, cushion covers or smaller antique ornaments, and then build up to bigger things like wallpaper and lighting fixtures.

If you're feeling more daring, amp up the shine-factor with a polished bed frame or lamp for a fresh and fun feeling.

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