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Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 20, '16

Moroccan-inspired patterns are huge in homewares right now.

These eye-catching and intriguing motifs are popping up on everything from highly decorative ceramics and geometric bed designs, to elaborate floor rugs and exquisite kitchen back-splash tiles.

These traditional north African designs are becoming common-place in Aussie homes and provide a colourful, exotic flavour to any room. Whether you go for smaller accent pieces or something much bigger, these alluring, repetitive patterns are sure to make an impact.

Draw inspiration from the colour, pattern and material, and recreate a bit of the magic of Morocco in your house. Here are a few popular patterns to look out for:


Irina.jpg Intriguing bed design, 'Irina' is an eye-catching addition to the bedroom.

The arabesque pattern is composed of many shapes interlaced together. It is a classic Moroccan motif that features intricate, symmetrical lines replicated over and over again.


Instead of looking overly busy, the steady repetition inspires a sense of harmony and beauty.


Paros Give your bedroom an exotic flavour with 'Paros'

The complex Kaleidoscopic print is alluring when presented with a rich sequence of blues. These colours will give your room a distinct Mediterranean flavour and turn the bedroom into a serene and comfy personal retreat.


The array of beautiful patterns are truly mesmerising and will add an exciting and bold feel to your interior.

Fish Scale

Fish Tile

This look is becoming increasingly popular due to its unique shape and dramatic charm.

Fish Tile -.jpg

With a scalloped pattern, this Moroccan tile has a visual association with marine life and is referred to as 'Fish Scale' or 'Clam-shell' for obvious reasons. It makes sense that this pattern is frequently used when decorating a bathroom.


Splash back

These geometric designs pack a colour punch and are typical of the vibrancy of Morocco. This seamless pattern features the basic design of the 8-pointed star with a central motif. These endless circular pattern tiles are a perfect addition to the kitchen as a bright and playful splash back.


Want even more Moroccan style? One of our quilt cover designs may be just what you're after...


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