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Celebrity Sleep Patterns: How Do You Compare?

Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 13, '16

To function properly, researchers recommend people need around 8 hours sleep per night. But that's not true for everyone.

A small amount of the population are among the 'sleepless elite', who are able to get by on just a few hours shut-eye and still perform at a high level.

Many notable names are part of this minimal sleep club, including world leaders, business magnates and history's brightest scientific minds. It may be that their success has steamed from sleep-deprived delirium, or perhaps they just put those extra sleepless hours to good use.

On the flip-side to sleep deprivation, there's also such thing as too much sleep, and finding the right balance can be different for everyone.

Take a look at our list of celebrity sleepers to see where you fit in.

Leonardo da Vinci: 20 min every 4 hours. This prominent Renaissance figure opted to take a number of naps throughout the day instead of a solid block of shut eye. His unusual sleep cycle saw him taking a 20 minute nap every 4 hours.

Donald Trump: 3 hours. Trump deliberately limits his sleeping hours to stay ahead of the competition. He doesn't understand how someone who sleeps any more than that can compete.

Donald Trump.jpg


Tom Ford: 3 hours. The fashion designer and director says he sleeps for just 3 hours a night and is often up by 4:30am to start getting ready for the day.

Thomas Edison: 3 - 4 hours. The famous inventor believed sleeping to be a waste of time and a heritage from our cave-dwelling days. He therefore only allowed himself to sleep for a few hours each night.

Martha Stewart: less than 4 hours. Her company produces 4 magazines, a TV show, radio show and retail product lines, so how does Martha cram it all in? Sleeping less than 4 hours a night gives her more time in the day!

Martha Stewart.jpg


Margaret Thatcher: 4 hours. The former British PM only slept for 4 hours a night, but took regular naps during the day. Her sleeping habits caused problems for her successor, John Major, as the civil service had gotten used to a PM who hardly ever slept.

Richard Branson: 6 hours. This busy entrepreneur sleeps no longer than 6 hours per night and is up at 5:45am every morning to get a head start on the day.

Richard Branson.jpg©inc.com

Barack Obama: 6 hours. President Obama's usual schedule has him going to bed at 1:00am and is back up by 7:00am. On a good night, he'll get 6 hours. Aides at the White House are careful in deciding what type of crisis is important enough to wake him.

Bill Gates.jpg


Bill Gates: 7 hours. The billionaire Microsoft co-founder finds 7 hours the best amount of sleep for optimal creativity the following day.

Winston Churchill: 8 hours: The former Prime Minister of the UK was an advocate for sleep and believed in the brain-boosting properties of taking a nap as well. He's said to have slept for 5 -6 hours a night, and famously kept a bed in the House of Parliament to take lengthy naps throughout the day.



Albert Einstein: 10 hours.  Einstein is said to have enjoyed a solid 10 hours per night, as well as some daytime naps. He claimed that sleep 'refreshed the mind' and his dreams helped him to invent.

Mariah Carey: 15 hours. The pop princess snoozes for double the recommended amount of time each day, but believes the extra sleep enables her to hit her famed high-pitched notes.



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