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Posted by lorrainelea on Sep 1, '16

We all look forward to that odd weekend when we can slip away from the city, relax and get back to nature.

The natural world boasts a certain tranquillity that seems to evaporate the stresses and strains of everyday life, leaving us feeling calm and refreshed. So why not bring a bit of the great outdoors inside, and create a leafy, green escape at home?

The botanics trend is hugely popular right now. Follow our simple tips and master this look in your home.

Botany 22.jpg

Colour: Not to be confused with florals, botanics is lush and leafy without the colourful blooms. Think dense, jungle greens, teals, dramatic charcoal greys and earthy tones.

A simple, rich colour palette works wonders for this trend, and the deep hues re-awaken our senses and revitalise even the smallest of spaces. Add warmth and depth by introducing beaten copper accents and finishings.

Botany 3.jpgShapes & Patterns: Botanics is all about reconnecting with nature and bringing wild elements inside. Convey the idea of an eco-rich rainforest by using shapes and patterns that create visual interest.

Greenhouse-inspired wall papers, leafy motifs on quilt covers, cushions and art prints can all help to elicit a serene and tropical feel in your space.

botany 4.jpgFreshness: Real plants add life to a room, and they can be surprisingly versatile. Like furniture or artwork, plants can be used as a major feature in your room and add a little drama.

Make use of large potted plants to fill corners or break up a space. Alternatively, an assortment of smaller groups of different sized potted plants have a more subtle look. Hanging planters are also very popular, or for something with bucket-loads of impact, try a vertical wall garden as a feature.Botany 1.jpg

What do you think of the botanics trend?

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