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trend: blush pinks

Posted by lorrainelea on Aug 16, '16

Blush isn't just your average pastel colour...

These dusty shades are seriously on-trend right now. Not overly sweet, blush is a shade of pink that has just enough peach in it to feel neutral, and in fact, has been heralded as "the new grey".

Its light tones bring a feeling of freshness and space to a room, and it's surprisingly easy to style with.


Shades of blush pink can be used in a variety of ways. Here are our tips on bringing it in your home:

  1. Use in moderation. Too much pink can be overpowering, so try not to over-do it. Test it out sparingly with accessories first, such as a cushion, vase or piece of artwork, before committing to a whole-house makeover.
  2. Make it minimal. Keep to this season's simplistic feel with minimalist design detail. If you add too much flair, the look will lose its impact.
  3. Incorporate copper. Pack extra punch by pairing it with copper accents. The warm tones really complement each other and will keep things looking contemporary.
  4. Find complementary tones. Blush is very versatile. It works well with other pastels or can even be combined with monochrome black, white or grey to create a soft and elegant feel.
  5. Use it to warm up a room. Blush is a great colour to feature on bedroom walls or on quilt covers. It will add a sense of warmth and can be soothing when used in smaller decorative touches.


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