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A lesson in leading by example

Posted by lorrainelea on Aug 3, '16

This fact is plain and simple: the behaviour of an organisation's leaders shape the company's culture.

Responsible and effective leaders use their own actions as an example to get the best from their staff.  They must be willing to jump in and do anything they ask their staff to do, and in showing the way forward, it makes it easy for others to follow.

When an executive leads the way, it inspires staff to strive for success, and will ultimately drive the company to greatness.

This June, Lorraine Lea embarked on a month-long fundraising push in support of children's cancer charity, Camp Quality.

Lorraine Lea's sales-force of 1,400 Independent Stylists around the country were encouraged to hold at least one home styling party and donate their profits and/or the value of the Host Credits to the cause.

On average throughout the year, there's a Lorraine Lea party held somewhere in Australia every 10.5 minutes, so if all 1,400 Stylists were to get involved in the campaign, they could raise some serious money for Camp Quality.

1.jpg Company Director, Adrian Ryan, holding a fundraising party

In the spirit of leading by example, it's no surprise that Company Director, Adrian Ryan, challenged his executive team at the Lorraine Lea Support Centre to get behind the campaign and hold their own fundraising parties.

"I held one last year and it was so much fun, so this year, I asked our executive team to give it a go themselves. I'm very proud to report we had 6 of our managers step up to the plate," said Adrian.

"It was a great effort from our executive team, and was a good learning experience for all of us."

Knowing the importance of effective leadership in the workplace, Human Resources Manager, Shirley Getley, hosted her own fundraising party for the first time this year.

"This was my first party, but it certainly won't be my last! Leadership behaviour shapes an organisation, so it's incredibly important for managers to get involved in these kinds of fundraising efforts. It's also a chance to get personally involved and contribute to a great cause," said Shirley.

Merchandising Director, Gillian Traynor, also held her own party, and believes involvement from the executive team is crucial to the success of the campaign.

"Holding a fundraising party is something we can all do to support Camp Quality and it lets the field know we're all in this together. I look forward to even more of the Support Centre staff getting involved next year," said Gillian.

3.jpg Lorraine Lea product on display, ready for a fundraising party

The chance to become a Stylist for a day and see the business from the perspective of those in the field was something Director of Marketing, Sales and Business Development, Anne Petracca felt was very valuable.

"This was a good opportunity for me to walk in the shoes of our Stylists and contribute to this worthwhile cause. I was thrilled my family and friends jumped on board and shopped up a storm, and we were able to raise almost $700 from just one party," said Anne.

Restating how important it is for managers to remain in touch with their staff and sales-force, Sales Director, Debbie Robertson, says she spends a lot of time out in the field to keep abreast of what they're experiencing day-to-day.

"We expect our Stylists to hold parties in June and donate money, so we, as managers, need to lead by example and do the same," she explained.

Lorraine Lea's executive team alone raised in excess of $3000 for the Party for Kids with Cancer® fund, an amount that will be added to the company's final fundraising total for 2016. Adrian says he's elated by the result.

2.jpg Adrian Ryan, PJ Bear, Giggle and Jess from Camp Quality

"I'm so proud of our staff and sales-force with all they do during our Party for Kids with Cancer® campaign. It proves that by working together, we really can make a positive difference in the lives of kids living with cancer and their families."

Click to find out more about the Party for Kids with Cancer fund.

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