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Posted by lorrainelea on Aug 1, '16

You may already be acquainted with Will and Steve.

They're the charismatic Gourmet Pommies of Seven Network's hit reality show, My Kitchen Rules, and the first all-male team to take out the show's top honours.

Their light-hearted banter and kitchen capabilities resonated with those watching the show, and inspired people to stop eating packet pasta and try their hand at a wholesome home-cooked meal.

Using their success on the small screen as a launch-pad, Will and Steve left the corporate world behind and turned their passion for cooking into a culinary career.

W&S MKR.jpg

Teaming up with Lorraine Lea, they've stepped back up to the hot plate to invent some mouth-watering 'Simple Recipes'.

These delicious dishes aim to help time-poor home chefs create uncomplicated, yet impressive-looking food, and educate about the importance of quality kitchen equipment.

"Cooking at home should be fun, but it's made a whole lot easier when you've got the right tools for the job," explains Will. "We believe the best investment you can make for your kitchen is a cracking knife set."

W&S 2

German steel is renowned for being of the highest quality, and the Schmidt Brothers are the best in the business at crafting functional and elegant steel knives. The range they've created exclusively for Lorraine Lea has been forged with a single piece of German steel, features rare Ash wood handles and the signature Schmidt Brothers' curve for optimal control.

"You've got 6 knives to choose from in Lorraine Lea's 7-Piece Knife Block set. Each knife serves a particular purpose, whether that be a bread knife, a utility knife or a paring knife, if you use the right one for the job, there's less chance of accidents in the kitchen," says Will.

W&S 3

"Another must-have kitchen item would be a non-stick pan. These are a very obvious choice, yet many of my friends don't have them. It drives me mad when I see them using a serrated knife on a plastic chopping board and then getting their protein stuck to the bottom of the pan."

With a non-stick surface and all-natural composition, Lorraine Lea's ceramic cookware range is high temperature stable, cooks food quickly and evenly and requires very little butter or oil, meaning a healthier meal all-round.

Speaking of kitchen essentials, Steve's quick to point out there's another 'utensil' that's vital to his cooking success.

"Its name is 'Will' and it does everything that I don't have time to do! I don't think I could have picked a better sous chef as he doesn't just work hard; he brings a lot of fun to the kitchen. Cooking wouldn't be the same without him."

W&S 1.jpg

The guys say the 'Simple Recipes' they've created for Lorraine Lea are fun, friendly and achievable for every home cook.

The two dishes: Poached Chicken, Miso, Coriander and Witlof Salad, and Sesame Crusted Tuna, Avocado and Pickled Daikon are summer on a plate and sure to impress your guests.

W&S Chicken.jpg

"The chicken is a real crowd pleaser, everyone's going to be happy with it and paired with a beautiful Asian salad, you're going to love it," promises Will.

W&S Tuna.jpg

"The tuna is fresh, zingy, beautifully seasonal, and it really delivers in the flavour department," says Steve.

Will and Steve's 'Simple Recipes' for Lorraine Lea are available for download here.

Happy cooking!


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