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simple ways to stay warm at night

Posted by lorrainelea on Jul 21, '16

It's no fun being cold.

If you aren't lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, and are refusing to use the heater because of your sky-rocketing electricity bill, here are some alternative ways to warm up before bed.

  1. Do some exercises. No, don't panic, we don't mean a whole work-out, just some simple stretching and deep breathing will do the trick to get your circulation going and increase your body temperature.
  2. Drink hot herbal tea. A warm beverage before bed will give you a sense of warmth, and heat up your cold hands too! Just avoid caffeinated tea, or you'll be awake for hours. Keeping warm 4.jpg
  3. Wear your PJs. Even if you're not a fan of pyjamas, there's no doubt they're a great way to keep warm during the night. Bed clothes trap your body heat as you sleep, and if you get too hot, just take a layer off.
  4. Have a warm bath or shower. Soaking in the steam of the hot water will warm up your body and put you in a relaxed state, ready for bed. Keeping warm 3.jpg
  5. Extra blanket. Create that warm, cosy atmosphere in your room by positioning a thick blanket across the foot of your bed. Then it's easily accessibly in case you wake up cold in the night.
  6. Wear socks. Insulate your feet with a pair of woolly bed socks. Feet are often the first body part that starts to feel cold and they can be hard to warm up again with just a blanket. It's a good idea to also invest in a pair of  slippers to keep your feet warm when walking around the house as well. Keeping warm 1.jpg
  7. Use the oven. Roast dinners are a favourite during winter, but did you know using the oven on will also help to heat your house? That's as good an excuse as any for a late-night batch of choc-chip cookies...
  8. Body heat. Snuggling up to a partner is a great way to reap the benefits of natural body heat. This works with pets as well, so you might consider letting them onto the bed during really cold nights. Keeping warm 2.jpg
  9. Block drafts. Check there are no cracks under doors or window panes where cold air is entering your home. Temporarily block any drafts with a rolled up blanket or long pillow.
  10. Warmer bedding. Change your sheets for a warmer, flannelette option and make sure you have a heavier quilt on your bed. warming 5.jpg
  11. Hot water bottle. The original go-to winter warmer is the hot water bottle. It's a good idea to put a cover on it to avoid getting scalded by extra hot water.

What do you do to keep warm during the winter nights?

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