4 simple rules for styling with texture

Posted by lorrainelea on May 25, '16

While colours and patterns make a bold statement in home decor, the use of textural elements is a more subtle styling technique. Despite often being understated, the impact of a few well-placed textural touches can be just as dramatic as a pop of colour.

Textured pieces appeal to our visual and tactile senses, and can inject life into an otherwise boring space.

Add dimension to a room by introducing some unexpected elements, such as a faux fur floor rug, fringed throw or some shaggy decorator cushions.

Follow these simple styling rules to seamlessly add texture to your space:

  1. Layer upon layer. It's not just 'ogres' that have layers... so too should your winter home decor! Layering up textured pieces will make your space feel cosy, and add that element of visual intrigue. Go on, throw caution to the wind and use TWO throw rugs on the end of your bed.

    Boucle.jpg Boucle Throw Rugs

  2. Contrasting combinations. A great trait of texture is it loves an odd bed fellow. Combine woolly pieces with chunky knits, or pair tassels with suede for an effortless eclectic vibe. Trust us, it just works!
  3. Balancing act. Repeat the use of your chosen textures to balance a room. Tie the space together and create harmony by coupling a faux fur rug with a smaller faux fur cushion across the room.

    Wool.jpg Faux Wool Cushion Covers

  4. Less is more. Using too much texture can make the room feel cluttered, so it's best to use textural pieces in moderation. They'll give the best effect when not having to compete with an onslaught of other pieces.

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