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30 reasons to love winter

Posted by lorrainelea on May 10, '16

Yes, we know. It's cold, grey and often miserable for days on end, but there are plenty of great things about the cooler months that outweigh the negatives and make mid-year a time to look forward to.

  1. You don't feel guilty for staying indoors. Drizzly and dreary days are the perfect opportunity to indulge in a lazy day on the couch.
  2. Chai lattes. Warm drinks and cool weather go hand-in-hand. Nothing beats wrapping chilly fingers around a freshly made, aromatic chai latte.Chai Latte.jpg
  3. Oversized clothes. Forget leg-baring shorts and singlet tops, winter is all about layering up and being comfortable.
  4. Hearty meals. Stew, lamb shanks, shepherd's pie... all things best consumed when the weather is cool.
  5. Catching up on reading. In summer, it can be hard to find time for the simple pleasure of curling up on the couch with a good book.
  6. Cozy homes. The colder it is outside, the more inviting your home seems. Adding textured throw rugs and faux fur decorator cushions to your lounge room will create a cosy vibe and make you appreciate the great indoors.Decorator Items.jpg
  7. Home cooked meals. 'cos no one likes manning the oven when it's 35 degrees outside.
  8. Open fires. Whether it's at home or the local pub, an open fire is one of the best things about cold weather.
  9. Christmas in July. Because once a year just isn't enough...
  10. Winter quilts. Snuggling under the covers is made even better when your bed is boasting a warm and comfy quilt.Quilts.jpg
  11. Bed socks. They may not be sexy, but they keep the toes nice and toasty through the night... and sometimes that's more important.
  12. Moody colour palettes. Winter is all about warm greys, rich burgundys and classic neutral tones. This subdued styling is timeless in any space.
  13. Red wine.  Need we say more?
  14. Trips to the snow. Who doesn't love a weekend spent skiing or snowboarding down the slopes?Snow.jpg
  15. Footy season. AFL is at its peak during the winter months. Even if you don't follow the sport, it's time to pick a team, buy a scarf and start barracking.
  16. Dinner parties. Winter is a great excuse to have friends over for long, food-fueled gatherings that last late into the night.
  17. Mulled beverages. Perhaps a belly-warming spiced wine is your tipple of choice, or maybe a comforting, hot cider incites your taste buds? The kids can even enjoy non-alcoholic mulled apple juice.
  18. Boots. Ankle, low heel, mid-calf, knee high... whatever your preferred style, winter is the time to rock them!
  19. Whale watching. Our Southern Hemisphere whales migrate north for the winter and can be spotted along the East Coast of Australia. May and June are the top times to see them. Keep your eyes peeled.whales.jpg
  20. Less chance of sunburn. All Aussies know the importance of sun protection, but if you forget to 'slip, slop slap' during winter, there's less chance of sporting a blistering burn after spending a day outside.
  21. Hot water bottles. Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that provide the greatest sense of comfort.
  22. Festivals. Byron Bay's Splendor in the Grass, Melbourne's International Jazz Festival Sydney's Film Festival or the travelling Good Food & Wine Show... no matter what you're into, there's sure to be a winter festival that tickles your fancy.
  23. UGGs. Love them or hate them, they're damn comfortable (and warm). UGG.jpg
  24. Hot chocolate. With two marshmallows, thanks.
  25. Scarves. Break up the black-on-black of your outfit by wrapping one of these around your neck.
  26. End of financial year. With any luck, you might get some cash back from your tax return, or at the very least, indulge in a bit of EOFY sale shopping.
  27. Flannelette sheets. That extra element of cosiness will keep you warm throughout the night. Flannelette.jpg
  28. Winter coats. One of the rules of winter is to wear layers, and the icing on the outfit-cake is stylish outerwear. Time to drag your heavy coat out of the back of the wardrobe...
  29. Netflix. Missed a few episodes of the latest series everyone's raving about? Winter's the perfect time for a TV marathon at home. An activity enjoyed alone, or with friends.
  30. Spring is just around the corner! As much as we love winter, by the end of August, we won't be able to wait for spring to arrive.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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