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Why We're Bonkers About Bamboo

Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 26, '16

Even though bamboo has been big in Asian textiles, food and medicine for centuries, the western world has only recently recognised its potential.

Rapidly becoming the fibre of choice for bedding, clothing and even construction materials, bamboo has a slew of favourable qualities including eco-sustainability, durability and antibacterial properties.

So what is it exactly that's making everyone go gaga over bamboo?

  1. It's sustainable: Believe it or not,  bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Once harvested, it bounces back exceptionally quickly, and can grow back to its original abundance within a year. Bamboo will replenish over and over without the need for replanting and due to its clumping nature, can be grown in a small area.
  2. It's good for the environment: Bamboo also absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than either cotton or timber and releases more oxygen into the environment, which in turn improves air quality.

    Bamboo Bedding.jpg Lorraine Lea's Bamboo Bedding Range

  3. It hardly ever gets thirsty: Unlike cotton, which requires extensive watering to achieve optimal growth, bamboo only requires a small amount of water to flourish.
  4. It's pest-resistant: No fancy fertilisers or growth boosters needed here. Bamboo is naturally resistant to pests and diseases.
  5. It's resilient:  Bamboo is naturally prolific and, because of its efficient water-use, is able to handle harsh weather conditions such as drought, flood and high temperatures.Bamboo.jpg
  6. It's all-natural: Since bamboo requires no chemicals and very little water to grow, it is an organic and eco-friendly material.
  7. It's strong AND soft: Offering the best of both worlds, bamboo is an extremely resilient and durable fibre, and it's also incredibly soft to touch.
  8. It's more absorbent than cotton: Bamboo bedding and clothing naturally wick moisture away from the skin and has better moisture absorption than most other popular materials.

    Bamboo Blankets.jpg Lorraine Lea's Bamboo Cotton Blankets

  9. It's thermo-regulating: With its superior breathability, bamboo bedding will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  10. It's kind to sensitive skin and allergies: As a natural product, it is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.
  11. It's UV proof: Bamboo fabrics have great sun defense properties and boast a high ultraviolet protection factor.
  12. It has a small environmental footprint: A wholesomely green fabric, bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. It can be composted and disposed of at the end of its life, and returns to the earth with minimal environmental impact. Therefore, buying bamboo gives conscientious consumers peace of mind.

Do you use any bamboo products at home?

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