TREND: Fur style's sake

Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 8, '16

Searching for that one element that brings your room together? Look no further than faux fur.

This rich, textural fabric is a huge home décor trend for 2016 and when used in small measures, it's almost impossible to get wrong.

The introduction of a lush faux fur throw rug or cushion cover instantly creates a warm, homey feel, and presents an element of cosiness. That extra touch of comfort at the end of the bed or across the lounge room couch is exactly what you want as we move into the cooler months.

Close Up Fur.jpg

A faux fur accent piece can even create a sense of luxury, without the exorbitant price tag (or ethical guilt).

This simple touch of elegance works wonders in transforming a stark, modern space into something more comfortable and inviting. If your room has a lot of glass table tops, a cool colour palette or harsh angles, it can easily begin to feel cold. Use a few faux fur pieces to warm-up the room and create a more welcoming vibe all-round.


Even though it's versatile enough to mesh with a variety of décor, faux fur works particularly well with exposed wood and wooden furnishings. This dynamic combination is popular in cosy, rustic homes and lavish alpine cabins.

Alpine Cabin.jpg Alpine Cabin Style (as seen on

Thanks to the popularity of this trend, there are a plethora of smaller accessories and larger, statement items available for your styling pleasure. Check out the new faux fur additions to the Lorraine Lea range! 

Will you be incorporating a touch of faux fur into your home this winter?


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