Mid-Century Modern

Posted by lorrainelea on Apr 8, '16

You know the saying 'Everything old is new again'?

In an inevitable cycle, fleeting fashions and prominent trends in home décor will eventually come full circle again. Within just a few decades, we often find ourselves recreating beloved looks from the not-so-distant past.

Thanks, in part, to the popularity of the hit 1960s-based TV show Mad Men, the mid-century modern look is still going strong in 2016.

Mad Men.jpg Mid-century modern has risen in popularity due to TV shows like Mad Men.

This retro-inspired trend is all about making a bold statement with clean lines and shapes. We can see its influence infiltrating home décor in eye-catching, reoccurring geometric shapes, warm colour palettes and all-too-familiar patterns on soft household furnishings.

Lorraine Lea's Reggie Quilt Cover has a distinctly mid-century feel. With dynamic circular print in charcoal greys and oranges, and more subtle geometric reverse, this bed design can be dialed-up or dulled-down to suit your preferred bedroom style.

Reggie 1.jpg Lorraine Lea's Reggie Quilt Cover

Use of coordinating sheet colours can either amplify or soften the look. A bold orange sheet set will highlight the orange in the quilt cover, or alternatively, opt to neutralise the effect with a white, pewter or charcoal grey sheet.

Part of the charm of mid-century modern is it continues to evolve. By mixing in pieces from other periods and trends, you can keep your space feeling fresh and contemporary, while maintaining that nod to the past.

Dakota throw.jpg Combine mid-century style with modern textures like faux fur. (pictured: Dakota Throw Rug, Lorraine Lea).

Give the Reggie Quilt Cover extra depth by incorporating some up-to-the-minute textures and fabrics. Having a faux-fur or ruffle rib throw rug flung across the end of the bed will help to cosy-up the space and revamp the look during the winter months.

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