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Give Your Bedroom an Autumn Makeover

Posted by lorrainelea on Feb 23, '16

As summer draws to a close and the days start to cool down, we look for ways to create that cosy, inviting feeling in our homes.

Take colour-palette inspiration from the trans-seasonal shades of the natural landscape. The colder weather transforms summer's lush green foliage to a meld of burnt oranges, yellows and crimson red leaves. There is beauty in the steely, graduating greys of the sky and the browns of grass-bare soil.

Autumn Leaves.jpg

It's easy to embrace these moody autumn colours in your home with soft furnishings and a few accent pieces. Tone down bright colours and introduce rich, saturated hues and warm textural pieces to your rooms.

We know autumn is a transitional month with fluctuating weather patterns. Don't make the mistake of packing your light-weight bed coverings away too early, but also be sure to have your heavy quilts at the ready for the inevitable cold nights.

The duel Kain bed design features a dynamic grey and white stripe quilt cover, which can be paired with the Kain coverlet. While both are stand-alone pieces, the coverlet is ideal to keep at the foot of the bed as a light covering on warmer nights, and can also be used as an additional layer over the quilt cover on particularly frosty evenings.

The coverlet's solid red reverse creates a dramatic pop of colour when flipped around or folded back on itself. The amount of colour can be easily manipulated to suit your bed-scape.

Kain 2.jpg Kain Quilt Cover and Coverlet

The Kain Quilt Cover features a classic, striped design with a complementary meld of deep reds, white and subdued grey tones. When used together, these colours establish a feeling of warmth and comfort, and are therefore perfect for the bedroom. While the design itself is quite traditional, the matching quilted Euro and standard pillowcases can be positioned in arbitrary configurations for a more relaxed and casual vibe.

Kain is a yarn dyed design, which means it is treated before it is woven, giving the fabric a softer feel and greater durability. The yarn dye process also helps to lock in the colour for brighter, longer lasting shades.

Premium Percale Sheets.jpg Mix and match your sheeting colours from the Premium Percale range.

These moody shades can be further enhanced or subdued with coordinating Premium Percale bed sheets in white, pewter or charcoal, depending on personal preference.

Chunky throws and faux fur pieces can enhance the overall feeling of coziness in the bedroom. A throw rug slung haphazardly across a corner of a bed or on the arm of a chair is visually interesting and will introduce texture with minimal effort.

Dakota.jpg Dakota Faux Fur Throw. Available from Lorraine Lea April 14, 2016.

The Kain bed design lends itself to a rustic, country interior, exposed wood furniture and aged metal accents. Style 'til your heart's content with muted accessories and eclectic, vintage pieces.

Voilà! Your autumn bedroom makeover is complete.

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