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Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Feb 23, '16

Before Lorraine Lea, Rachell Mudie of Victoria was juggling a full-time accounts job, coaching netball teams and ferrying her three kids to all their sporting commitments. She and her husband, who is a shift worker, rarely had time together and her lack of strong career direction had her stuck in a rut. Today, at the head of a successful team of female business owners, Rachell has the flexibility to be with her busy family and the fulfilling career she didn't know she needed.

"At first I was hesitant", Rachell says as looks back on her decision to start a Lorraine Lea business, "but my husband suggested I give it a go for the flexibility, and I decided I had nothing to lose".

After 6 months of working both jobs, she realised she could equal the weekly salary she was earning from her full-time job just by holding two Lorraine Lea parties per week. At that realisation, she quit her accounts job and threw her energy into her Lorraine Lea business.

"Instead of sitting in traffic to go to the office, I now drive to a different host’s home for every party and meet new and interesting people all the time. I love getting to know my customers in a relaxed and fun environment and providing them with a higher level of customer service," she says.

Now a Senior Team Leader, Rachell turns a considerable profit and inspires a team of other women, equally excited by the opportunities their business affords. Recently achieving a company car through her exceptional efforts, she is able to give her family everything they want, including a great new ride to take them to swimming practice.


With a career she is passionate about and the ability to 'be there' for her family's important moments, Rachell doesn't ever want to go back to working a 'regular job'.

"My approach to life has changed. I have realised nothing is too hard, anything is possible; you’ve just got to give it a go!"

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