beach towels - you've been doing it wrong!

Posted by lorrainelea on Feb 2, '16

Who would have thought there was a right way and a wrong way to use a beach towel?

If you're unaware of the manufacturing process that goes into beach towel creation, there's every chance you could have been using your towel incorrectly every time you ventured down to the beach or took a dip in the pool.


The common household velour beach towel is actually a specially designed tool that has been fine-tuned to provide the very best drying experience.

  1. One side is for lying on. Your towel has two distinctly different sides, made for two very different purposes. One side features an elaborate, eye-catching pattern which has been sheared to give a velour finish, while the other is usually less vibrant. The colourful side is the one you should be sitting on.  It is manufactured to be soft and super comfortable - perfect for sun baking or to lie on while reading a book.
  2. They are uber absorbent. The less vibrant side is excellent for soaking up water from your skin. The surface area is covered with long, spread-out loops that offer exceptional absorbency, but can also air more easily.
  3. They have a super-fast drying time. Unlike fluffy bathroom towels that are typically used once a day, beach towels are made to be light. If the loops in a beach towel are too dense, air will not be able to circulate and the towel will become too heavy and won't dry quickly between uses. Beach Bag.jpg
  4. It wicks away water. The towel's colourful or velour side helps prevent it from becoming water-logged because it is designed not to take on water. The loops on this side of the towel have been sheared off at the top, thus creating the velour surface that is more amenable to printing and also cuts down the overall weight of the towel.
  5. They don't like fabric softener. If your well-used towels are feeling a bit rough after a summer, the worst thing you can do throw fabric softener into the wash. Even though it will make the surface fibres silky, it also means your towel will be far less absorbent.

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