18 reasons to start your own business

Posted by lorrainelea on Jan 13, '16

Want to be your own boss, but don't want to deal with the nitty-gritty of setting up a whole new enterprise? A career as an Independent Stylist might be for you.

We've listed 18 perks of running a Lorraine Lea business. What more motivation do you need to take control of your own career?

  1. There's no commute. Say goodbye to peak-hour traffic jams and angry drivers. You don't have an office to get to by a set time in the morning, and even though you'll have to travel to your party host's house, it usually won't be in heavy traffic periods. traffic.jpg
  2. You can take holidays whenever you want. Going away during the school holidays? Taking a trip over Christmas? No problem. The only person who has to approve your leave time is you!
  3. Meeting new people is easy. Socialising is just one of the great perks of running a Lorraine Lea business. You'll be able to meet and chat with all your party hosts and guests, and may even make some life-long friends.
  4. You party for a living. People won't believe you when you tell them, but technically, this is how you earn a crust. In Lorraine Lea world, the more you party, the more money you can make.
  5.  A positive and fun working environment. You'll be replacing mundane office life with a fun and friendly atmosphere. Hosts are happy to see you and welcome you into their homes and monthly meetings with your team are always fun and interactive. The positive energy is infectious!
  6. Every day is different. You may be holding a bridal shower party one day and running a fundraising party for the local soccer team the next. No two days are the same when you're an Independent Stylist.
  7. You can stay home when kids are sick. Avoid awkward phone calls to your boss when your kids come down with the flu. You control when you work and when you don't. mum and kids.jpg
  8. Set your own workload.  The ability to work as much or as little as you like means that when life gets busy, you can dial down your activity, and when your schedule frees up, you can ramp back up again.
  9. You don't miss any 'precious moments'. Baby's first steps, the kids' Christmas concerts, sports days or drop offs on the first day of school. Whatever milestone moment your child is going through, you know without a doubt you'll be there to experience it.
  10. You can earn money quickly. Need to pay off a credit card or save for a wedding? How does $200 a party sound? That's a whole chunk of money for minimal hours, plus, you can do as many parties as you like!
  11. You never have to do '9 to 5'. No more staring at the clock and willing it to move faster through the workday. Being able to set your own hours means you can schedule parties and paperwork around family meals, activities and even set aside a little bit of pamper time for yourself!
  12. Never pay full price for product. Households are forever in need of a new set of sheets, bath towels or fresh pillows. As a Stylist, you'll enjoy shopping at 40% off the RRP of all Lorraine Lea products all year round.
  13. Guilt free sleep-ins. Don't bother setting any more 6am alarms. You'll no longer have to get up at the crack of dawn and get ready for the working day. You're free to sleep in for a few more precious hours if you
  14. You have constant support. Even though you're running your own business, you have the support of a team around you. Your up-line Leader is there to answer any questions, there are team meetings to go over each month's promotions and incentives, and there is a very helpful Customer Support team at the other end of the phone line.
  15. You could get a free car. Who wants to pay for a car, when Lorraine Lea will give you one for free? Once you reach the criteria, you will be the proud driver of a fully maintained Lorraine Lea motor vehicle, which includes registration, insurance and full servicing. car.jpg
  16. Access to free training. Study can be expensive, but having up-to-date knowledge in your industry is an important part of growing your business. Have Lorraine Lea's sales and training managers visit your area for workshops, read informative handbooks or dial in to a webinar; however you like to learn, constant training is available free of charge.
  17. Be recognised for your achievements. Feeling appreciated and being congratulated is important. Not only will you be rewarded with cash bonuses and incentives each month, you can also earn Thomas Sabo jewellery to mark every milestone achievement.
  18. You can travel in luxury. Don't bring your wallet, because this one is on the company. Every year there are sponsored overseas trips to exciting destinations like Las Vegas, Canada, China, Hawaii and Paris. Meet the qualification requirements and you'll be jetting off on a 5-star getaway.

Want to find out more about a career with Lorraine Lea? Head to or click here to find out how you can get started today for just $100.

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