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Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Dec 15, '15

 It's time to prepare your beachside buddy and keep her beautiful with these top towel tips.   

Get Your Beach Game Strong:

There is no “towel” in team. You can’t just rest the weight of your holiday hopes and dreams on one terry-toweling titan if you want it to go the distance. Getting the most out of your beach visit ( and your beach towel) means a string of bath sheets, working together towards seaside victory. You need:  Your softest, newest beach towel for sitting on, your most absorbent beach towel for drying off and an older reserve towel that stays in the car and de-sands your toes to stop your sedan looking like the Sorrento foreshore.

many towels are needed at the beach

Slip, Slop, Slap is Not Just For People:

Beach towels are brilliantly coloured and it’s up to us to keep them looking lovely in the sun. For the very best in UV protection for your new towel, wash it and include a cup of vinegar to the mix to lock in its true colours.

Choosing Sides:

Hands up if you knew that only one side of your beach towel is any good at getting you dry. The soft side is absolutely useless for water wicking, and is just designed to keep you comfy. Use the rougher side of your towel to dry yourself off, or risk turning your towel into a sodden mess.   


It Sounds Wrong but Dry THEN Wash:

Washing a wet towel covered in sticky sand is bad for everyone. The washer hates it, the towel hates it and you will hate it when there is sand over everything you own. Wet sand is clingier than your ex, so soggy towels can’t get rid of it. When you bring wet, sandy towels home, rinse them, hang them out until dry, beat the sand out of them, THEN wash them.

Buy Good Beach Towels For A Great Time:
Sand is itchy enough, do you really want to add a scratchy, thin beach towel to the mix? Soft surfaces and longer living towels mean better beach days. See a super selection of top-notch towels here.  



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