chill out and drop off: sleeping cool in summer

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Dec 15, '15

Things heating up in the bedroom isn’t always as good as it sounds. Staying cool is necessary for deep and restful sleep, so how do we avoid sweltering, sleepless summers?

If you’re not lucky enough to have air conditioning in the bedroom, cooling down on a hot night requires a little more creativity. Here are some of the best ways to chill out at night time.


Be a fan of fans: Fans don’t just push hot air around. Face them towards the window to push hot air out or switch a ceiling fan to rotate anti-clockwise to draw hot air up and away from you.

Cool it in bed: the answer is essentially - put stuff in your freezer. Use your freezer and a ziploc bag to cool your sheets down before bed, chill a cold compress or use a gel cooling mat to create a comfy cold pack for bed.

Have absolutely all the chill: just because you’re not the proud owner of AC doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to stuffiness. Create your own cool breeze wherever you please with some cold water and an air source. Hang a wet sheet over a window, or angle a fan to blow over a bowl of ice. Any way you can force air over cool water is a way to fashion a low-fi air-con.  

Get Some Air In There: As comfy as they are, quality mattresses retain a heap of heat. Sleeping on a heavy mattress in the heat can be like snuggling up to a bear - it’s soft but it’s not exactly wise. Try a hammock, bamboo mat or a fold out bed for better circulation of air and a cooler sleeping surface.

spending summer nights sleeping outside
Shorty, Get Low: We know hot air rises and yet we still sleep on the top floor of the house, on top of a tall mattress, on top of a bed frame. If you can get closer to your carpet, especially on the ground floor ( or even the basement if you’ve got one) you will cool down quicker and drop off sooner.

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