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sleeping with pets - science says yes

Posted by maddisonamyrawson on Dec 9, '15

Snoozing with your schnoodle and cuddling with your calico could see you sleeping more soundly, according to a recent study.

While earlier studies found that dogs and cats can disturb sleep if they’re restless, new findings out of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. show that those without a partner present at bedtime can be soothed into a faster, more enduring sleep if they share their bed with a pet.

The reports suggest that the majority of people who go to sleep without a partner present find faster, deeper sleep with a pet than those who sleep alone. Unfortunately the results are based on participants self reporting how they felt about sleep, rather than actually measuring their sleep (through monitoring brain waves and restlessness), so the jury is still out on whether this promotes high quality sleep.

The reporting scientists suggest that if you find solace in a sleepy puppy next to you, then it can definitely have benefits on your ability to fall asleep.

sleeping with cat in bed

The study’s findings did caution about cats and their tendency to “wake and roam” during the night (which may result in some waking their owners), but if you’re a dog owner, your pups’ propensity to sleep through until dawn makes them brilliant bedfellows.      
So next time you’re lying in bed staring at the ceiling, try snuggling up with a sausage dog or relaxing with a rottie for a super sound sleep.

Does your pet sleep in bed with you at night?

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