ever dreamed you were falling? there's a reason...

Posted by lorrainelea on Nov 30, '15

Have you ever been able to fly in your dream?

Perhaps you've had a nightmare where you'd lost your teeth, or felt as if you were falling from a great height?

Believe it or not, these dreams are incredibly common. People all around the world experience the same sorts of dreams and they relate back to things that are going on in real life.

When you have a strange, vivid dream, you may wake up wondering what it means. While some dreams are easy to decipher, others just don't seem to make sense.

Here are some very common dreams and their meanings.

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1.Falling. Feeling like you're falling in a dream tends to signal a major life problem - either at work or in personal life. You may be trying too hard to keep control of the situation when really, you should just allow things to run their own course.

2. Teeth falling out. Teeth are seen as a symbol of confidence, so many psychologists believe when teeth fall out in your dream, its a sign that something has happened to make the dreamer lose belief in their abilities.

3. Showing up to work or school naked. It's no surprise that a dream about showing up somewhere without any clothes on indicates vulnerability and anxiety. This kind of dream is common for people who have recently taken on a new job or are frequently in public view.

4.Dying. This type of dream is really unnerving to have, but shouldn't be taken literally. Even though this is perceived negatively, dying in a dream generally represents leaving a job or ending a relationship and moving onto a new phase of life.

5. Being chased. This dream can easily be interpreted: the dreamer is trying to avoid problems in their life that require attention. The up-side to this dream is it draws attention to the issue and encourages them to finally face what has been bugging them.

6. Meeting a celebrity. Having notable personalities feature in dreams is a symbol of the dreamer's personal need for recognition and validation in their life.

7. Partner is cheating. Ever wake up angry at your partner for something they did in your dream? Psychologists warn not to take these type of dreams as an omen. These dreams occurs when your partner is spending a lot of time and attention on something that doesn't involve you.

8. Showing up late for something. You're running and running and never making it to your destination on time... sound familiar? This dream can be signal being overwhelmed and taking on too much in your professional or personal life. If you're having this dream over and over again, perhaps take it as a warning to reassess your commitments.

9. Being able to fly. This is symbolic of letting go of issues and allowing things to fall naturally into place. The freedom of flying can also indicate the amount of control felt in life.

10. Unprepared for an exam. Tests are a way for other's to judge us. If you're sitting an exam you're not prepared for in a nightmare, it means you are critically examining yourself in real life.

Have you had any of these common dreams?

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