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Posted by lorrainelea on Nov 19, '15

Photo realism is having a moment in home decor.

We've seen these chic computer-generated fabrics for the past few seasons on the world's fashion runways and now this trend has filtered down into interior design.Fashion.jpg

Realistic digital prints provide great visual impact and give us an intriguing sense of false reality. There is something about the photo-quality image of an animal, a city skyline or natural landscape that mesmerises us, so it's no wonder these things are appearing on all types of textiles for the home.

Full, realistic colour or vintage-style black and white prints can now be found on everything from wallpaper to quilt covers and decorator cushions. photo realist.jpg

There is no doubt these prints make a bold statement in the home and should be used as the focal point of your room. Because of their natural ability to grab your attention, photo realist prints work best in simple, pared back settings.

You'll commonly find a range of photo realist prints on soft furnishing items like decorator cushions and quilt covers. Incorporating a few cushions into your room is an easy way to introduce this trend in your home and test if it works with your space.

Will you be trying this trend at home?

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