what type of Christmas shopper are you?

Posted by lorrainelea on Nov 10, '15

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

If not, you are in the minority according to Lorraine Lea's Christmas Gift Giving Habits survey.

Most of us are surprisingly organised when it comes to gift buying, with only a small number admitting they make the mad-dash to shopping centres in the lead-up to Christmas Eve.

Which type of Christmas shopper are you?


a) SUPER ORGANISED: The majority of people (60% in fact) take a systematic approach to the festive season. They make a list many months in advance, budget their money and take advantage of sales, rather than paying a premium in the lead up to Christmas Day. They are constantly on the lookout for a great gift idea throughout the year and can almost always be counted on to find meaningful gifts for friends and loved-ones.


b) PREDICTABLE & METHODICAL: Doing most of the shopping in October and November is also a common trend, with 39% of people opting to shop one or two months prior to the silly season. These types of people often buy the same sort of presents for family and friends, year-in and year-out. They already have a preconceived idea of what type of gift they are looking for and are usually the ones who are guilty of gifting dad with the customary tie, underwear and socks, or giving mum a new pair of slippers... every. single. Christmas.


c) LAID-BACK & LAST MINUTE: Astoundingly, only 5% of people habitually make the wild dash to shopping centres to commence their gift purchasing in the days leading up to Christmas. These last-minute Christmas crammers leave themselves only 2 – 3 days to shop before the 25th of December and are notorious for forgetting something (or someone) important when buying gifts. While a one-stop-shop approach may be time-effective, the likelihood of these last-minute maniacs finding a personalised and well thought-out gift is near impossible.

Gift cards are a quick and easy gifting solution, however, it seems most people still prefer to give and receive a tangible present. A wrapped gift is favoured by a massive 82% of survey respondents, but choose your presents wisely! Over 50% of people have re-gifted an unwanted Christmas present in the past if it was not to their liking.

Luckily for guests of home styling parties, Lorraine Lea has something for every member of the family (including much loved pets) and is a great way to tick people off the gifting list while avoiding the hustle and bustle of shopping centres.

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