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12 steps to an organised guest room

Posted by lorrainelea on Nov 9, '15

The holiday season can be hectic.

With friends and family frequently dropping in, a slew of festive events to attend and a long list of gifts to buy, we don't blame you for MAYBE forgetting to prepare the spare bedroom before your guests start to arrive.

While crashing on a couch is fine for the younger generation, older family members will definitely appreciate a room decked out with all the home away from home essentials. If your guest room is generally used as a storage room for excess pieces of furniture, suitcases and other things, you have some work to do!

We've created a checklist to make sure your guest room is ready for when relatives stay overnight or unexpected guests drop by.

  1. Clean it out: Take everything out of the room that isn't essential and make a final decision on those miscellaneous household items that have long been forgotten. If you don't have a need for it, or haven't used it in over a year, chances are it's time to donate it to a charity shop. guest-room-5
  2. Clear the wardrobe: If your guests are staying for a prolonged period of time, they'll probably be bringing a bag full of clothes and personal items. No one enjoys living out of a suitcase, so make sure your guests have wardrobe space, enough coat hangers and spare drawers to use.
  3. Refresh the bedding: Putting a fresh set of sheets on the bed is a no-brainer, but do your sheets, quilt cover or pillows need updating? If your guest room is the place your household pillows go to die, we suggest investing in some new ones so your guests can enjoy a fresh and dust mite-free sleep. fb-Guest-Room-1
  4. Paint the walls: Ok, so this one is only if you have a bit of time up your sleeve and are looking for a DIY project. A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate a tired room and will force you to take things back to basics and re-style the room from scratch.
  5. Turn the mattress: You should flip your mattress up to four times a year, and we're betting the mattress in your guest room falls far short of that number. Make sure you flip it before your guests arrive.
  6. Style it up: It's time to add a bit of flare to the room with decorator items. An eye-catching quilt cover with complementing throw rug and assorted cushion covers is a great place to start. guest-reoom-4
  7. Bathroom basics: Sometimes when packing, your guests may forget the most essential items. Stock up your guest bathroom with toothpaste and soap and fold a bath towel on the end of guest’s beds for them to use throughout their stay.
  8. Laundry basket: Even though you may encourage guests to throw their clothes in with your wash, they might not feel comfortable doing so. By offering their own laundry basket, they will be able to keep their room neat and tidy and put on a load of their own laundry if they wish.
  9. Add some life: Freshen things up with some seasonal blooms on the bedside table. Studies suggest those who wake up near flowers start the day in a better mood!guest-room-3
  10. Creature comforts: The simple way to make your guests feel right at home is by offering them a pair of slippers and a robe. These are items your visitors probably wouldn't have brought along with them and it will make them feel like one of the family during their stay.
  11. Bedside necessities: Arrange the bedside table with everything they may need, including a working reading light, a book and a glass for water.
  12. The extras: Make sure you store extra bedding and pillows in their room, or advise where to find it if they become cold during the night. There is nothing worse than not being able to layer on another blanket when needed!guest-room-2

Have you got relatives and friends coming to stay with you this holiday season?


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