5 common sleeping myths dispelled

Posted by lorrainelea on Oct 30, '15

Sleep is a necessary part of our lives, however, there are many myths that surround how much we should be getting, the quality we need and tricks to achieve it.

Here are 5 common fallacies about sleep.

Myth #1: If you can't fall asleep, continue to lie in bed longer.

If sleep is just not coming to you, don't continue to lie in bed awake and angry. This behaviour will only create a negative association between bed and sleep. Try getting up and doing something else outside the bedroom until you start feeling tired.

lie in bed longer

Myth #2: Alcohol helps you sleep

Drinking alcohol can make you drowsy and allow you to fall asleep more quickly, but it also causes disrupted sleep. You'll be restless throughout the night and wake up feeling tired.


Myth #3: Watching TV in bed helps you fall asleep

The light from the television is actually a stimulant and if you fall asleep and leave it on, the flickering light in your room can interfere with the quality of your sleep.


Myth #4 You can train your body to need less sleep

There is no way to manipulate sleep. As much as some of us believe we can survive well on just a few hours shut-eye, studies have shown the more sleep-deprived people are, the worse they perform on cognitive and reaction time tests.

less sleep

Myth #5 Taking naps means you're lazy 

If your body's telling you it's tired during the day, it doesn't make you lazy, it means you're probably sleep-deprived and haven't been meeting your sleep needs.


Do you know of any other common sleep myths?

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