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your guide to styling with sheets

Posted by lorrainelea on Oct 12, '15

Did you know you can give your bedroom personality simply by changing up your bed sheets?

A carefully considered bed linen scheme can be enough to give even the most minimally decorated room a warm and welcoming feel.

Gone are the days of only having plain white or neutral shades to choose from, you now have a multitude of options that span all the colours in the spectrum. A sheet change is a great way to get maximum visual effect for minimal cost, and best of all, you can mix and match them to suit your changing quilt cover!

You'd be surprised how much more impact your bedroom will have if you select one of the colours from your quilt cover design and accentuate it with matching sheets.

White sheets

White sheets are classic, crisp and clean and are a perfect choice for those who have a room full of busy patterns. When used in a lazily decorated space, however, they can lack personality and feel a little sterile. The danger with white sheets is they show every spec of dirt, so probably aren't the best choice for anyone who frequently comes in contact with red dirt, dust or grease.

Black sheets

Black or charcoal sheets are an unexpected bed choice and have a sensual feel. However, if not styled up, they tend to be quite harsh and give the bedroom a masculine look.
Grey sheets

Neutrals like grey and pewter are the shades of the moment in sheeting and pair nicely with a lot of different quilt covers. They are a good midway point between dark and light and can hide dirt better than white.

Red sheets

Red is the colour of romance and energy. This bold colour can be quite loud, especially when used in large quantities, so if you already have a lot of red in your room, perhaps think about another colour for your sheets.

Blue sheets

Shades like Ocean and Deep Blue can be calming and can create a dramatic effect when paired with white or used to complement a patterned quilt cover. Blue is thought to induce a better night's sleep and be the preferred colour to feature in a bedroom. It is said to prevent nightmares and promote intellectual thoughts - worth a shot!


Green sheets

Greenery, Emerald and Teal are all colours associated with nature and should evoke a calming feel in the bedroom. Green promotes feelings of well-being, harmony and stability and is becoming a popular choice because of it's versatility.

Yellow sheets

Bright and cheerful, yellow sheets are eye-catching and great for spring and summer months. This colour is associated with happiness and is said to make a person feel optimistic because the brain releases serotonin when around this colour. Yellow in the bedroom is seen to be purifying and stimulating, but it can become overpowering if used in abundance.

Brown sheets

Rich brown or purple sheets are great choices in the winter time. The warm tones of Coffee and Stone create an inviting, cosy feel. These colours can also help to balance an overly bright quilt cover if need be and make the room feel more grounded.


Pink sheets

A warm, pink shade can give your room a fresh feel and work beautifully with a range of quilt covers. Hot Pink, Coral and lighter pink hues are traditionally considered to be feminine, but there is no reason men can't rock these eye-catching colours!


Patterned sheets

It's all in how you use them. Patterned flannelette sheets can create impact, but will need to be paired with a relatively plain quilt cover. A bold stripe can be dynamic and a floral print can feel homely, but just make sure your accessories don't clash.

They say we spend a third of our lives in bed, which means we spend a significant amount of time wrapped in our bed sheets. It's important that the sheet colour you choose reflects your personality and bedroom style.

Lorraine Lea has more than 19 different sheet colours in the range, so there's sure to be something to suit your bedroom!

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