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What is microfibre?

Posted by lorrainelea on Oct 9, '15

You've probably heard the word 'microfibre' used once or twice in conversation, but what IS IT exactly?

The versatile microfibre fabric is often used in sports towels and clothing, but has become especially popular for cleaning purposes in the past few years. The concept itself isn't new - the production technique goes back to the 1950s - although it wasn't until the early 90s that it started being used in household items.

What makes it so great, you ask? We can name a few reasons...

Super absorbent

A microfibre tea towel is made up of millions of long, yet ultra-fine synthetic fibres. The fibre is split during the manufacturing process to produce multi-strand fibres that are 200 times thinner than a single human hair. This multiplication process creates a larger surface area and makes it more absorbent than a regular cloth. In fact, microfibre can absorb up to seven times its weight in liquid!

Microfibre Tea Towels Lorraine Lea Tea Towel Set and Dish Drying Mat

Dries quicker

Even though the material can absorb a lot of water, most of it is stored in the pores between the fibres of the cloth, rather than binding directly to them as liquid would with a cotton cloth. This allows microfibre products to air-out and dry much faster after use.

More effective cleaning 

Microfibres are able to attach themselves to even the smallest dirt particles - ones that a normal cloth would probably leave behind. There is a positive, adhesive force that creates a 'sticking' effect, which is dramatically magnified by the millions of microfibres in a cloth or towel.

More hygienic

Instead of transferring grime from one surface to another as a cotton cloth would, microfibre products trap and retain dirt between its fibres (and not directly in them). It's fast drying time makes it hard for bacteria to grow and thus makes microfibre a much more hygienic option over other fabrics.

Doesn't need chemicals

It's hard to believe a simple cloth or towel can be more effective in cleaning than conventional cleaning products, but because of microfibre's ability to attract and remove dirt from surfaces, harmful chemicals and cleaning disinfectants are not needed. The wider ramifications of this is we can reduce our environmental impact by opting to use microfibre products instead!

Leaves a streak-free finish

The non-abrasive design is very soft to touch and will not scratch delicate paint work or fine glass items. This feature makes microfibre ideal for car detailing or polishing expensive glassware. The crisp, clean, streak-free finish of a microfibre cloth is why they are quickly becoming the go-to solution when cleaning everything from smart phone screens to windows and mirrors.

Sports towels Lorraine Lea Microfibre Sports Towel

No shedding

The unique structure of microfibre means leaving a frustrating lint fibre trail on surfaces is a thing of the past. Unlike cotton cloths, microfibre leaves no lint or residual dust behind and is the more effective choice for cleaning and drying.

Easy to clean

These handy cloths are easy to clean and can be thrown in with a cold wash cycle. Just be sure not to use bleach or fabric softeners in your wash as these will affect the life of your cloth. Keep them away from hot surfaces like stove tops, irons or the tumble dryer as they will melt the fine fibres.

Durable & reusable

If looked after properly, your microfibe tea towel or sports towel should last many years, (far longer than its cotton counterpart) however, for hygiene reasons, they should be laundered regularly and replaced every 3 - 5 years.

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