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HOW TO: store your winter quilts

Posted by lorrainelea on Oct 7, '15

Hallelujah! Winter is finally over.

As the weather starts warming up, you'll soon need to pack away your heavy bedding and swap it for your lightweight, summer quilt.

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you're winter quilts are kept clean and healthy during their hibernation period. 

Wash it. 

You’ll definitely want to ensure your quilt (doona or duvet inner) is clean before you pack it away for the summer. Before you wash it, be sure to check the instructions on the label. Most wool and cotton quilts can be machine washed, but larger ones that don't fit comfortably inside the machine may need to be hand washed in the tub or taken to the laundromat. If you do opt to wash at home, take into consideration the ideal water temperature and drying instructions before you begin. If in doubt, it's best to take the quilt to the dry cleaner.

fb-washing-quiltAir it.

It's a good idea to air your quilt, and allowing it to hang outside and dry naturally after a wash is a great opportunity to do this. Find a suitable shady spot and lay the quilt flat across the clothesline. Make sure your quilt is completely dry before packing it away.

Vacuum it. 

Collect any loose fluff, debris and dirt by setting your vacuum at its lowest level and sweep it back and forth across the quilt. Alternatively, you can wrap a stocking around the vacuum nozzle so the suction isn't too strong.


Store it. 

The best way to store a quilt is in a vacuum-sealed plastic storage bag. Not only will this save space in your linen cupboard, but it will protect your quilt from dust mites and nasties while in hibernation over the summer months. The waterproof vacuum bag will also guard your bedding from being ruined from humid weather and protect it against insects, dust and other damaging elements.  If you don’t have a vacuum bag, try wrapping your quilt in a natural fibre cotton or linen bag. This will allow it to breathe, but remember to fluff it regularly in the off-season to keep it fresh.

To ensure the longevity of your quilt, remember to store it out of direct sunlight and away from close heat or high humidity. If quilts are stored in semi or full light, they will fade over time. It's not a good idea to store quilts anywhere that moisture is likely to occur as this will lead to mildew growth in the fabric


Remove it periodically.

You shouldn't store quilts for years on-end without every opening the bag. A quilt needs to be aired regularly to prevent musty odors. As a general rule of thumb for healthy bedding, bring a stored quilt out to air every 6 months.

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